Sunday, 2 March 2014

Hello & A Post All About My Favorite Popcorn ♥

Its been a few weeks since I have posted, its so hard when you feel like you have a bit of a writers block, I so desperately want to blog as often as I used to but when it comes to looking at this blank page and thinking of something to write I'm struggling - so please bare with me.
My blog has been a part of my life for three years now (it was my blog anniversary last month)
I have been getting used to working my new part time job which I have been doing whilst also caring for my dad, for those of you who don't know, that is a rather full time job for me but I love spending time with my dad despite how challenging it is but me and my husband desperately want a place to call our own one day so all this hard work is definitely going to be worth it.

I decided I wanted to do a bit of blogging today whilst I had some time and also because I had just happened to have had a packet of my favorite popcorn as a snack.
I received this lovely package from the postman a few weeks ago from the people at *Metcalfe after I emailed them telling them how much I loved their popcorn.
I absolutely love popcorn, its my favorite treat to have when I go to the cinema and I can happily munch my way through a whole bag, but normally its the bag of the super sweet stuff which also happens to have way more sugar and calories than I'd prefer.
It was only a few months back that I noticed my local Sainsbury's were stocking this "Sweet and Salted" popcorn by Metcalfe, naturally I was intrigued so I bought a bag and I have now swapped my old favorite's to this new healthy variety.

I was sent 6 snack sized bags of 3 of their flavours which are available to buy in some supermarkets.
You can buy sharing or snack sized bags in these flavours above.
They make the perfect light afternoon snack and most mini bags are under 100 calories which makes them the perfect guilt free snack during the day.
My favourite flavour happens to be the "Sweet & Salt variety" the two flavours together work and they satisfy both of my tastebuds.

As you can see from their nutritional information, they are also low in fat so if you swap your packet of crisps to a bag of these you will definitely be eating a little bit healthier.
Metcalfe not only make popcorn but they make chocolate corncakes and crunchy corn crisps.
They do more flavours of popcorn which you can view on their website "Metcalfe Skinny" - I am dying to try their "Chocolate Crackle" flavour so I may have to purchase online because my supermarket doesn't stock them.
You can buy their products on their website and there boxes even include a mixed box if you want to try all of their flavours - I think I know which box I will be ordering.

To see where you can pick up a bag - here is a list of retailers who stock this popcorn

This blog post is to purely share my love for this popcorn, I don't normally blog often about food on here but I occasionally like to mix it up little bit and share what I love on here, so if you haven't tried this popcorn, give it a go and let me or the people at Metcalfe what you think, I am sure you won't be disappointed.

Happy Sunday - P.S hello to all my new followers I have gained via bloglovin I will be sure to check out all of your blogs.


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