Friday, 14 March 2014

Burts Bee's New Lip Range - Natural Lip glosses & Lip Shimmer ♥


*Burts Bee's Natural Lip glosses - £8.99

Happy Friday lovelies - I hope you have a good Friday, this day of the week always excites me.

I was really excited to try these when they popped through my letter box, I'm quite a fan of the Burts Bee's range and since I've used their lip balms a few years ago I have been converted ever since.
Burts Bee's have released a few new lip products and I received a few samples to try out and to also photograph and show you.
There are 4 products in the range so I thought rather than put them all in one post and confuse you I have split them up into two separate posts.

Pictured above are Burt's Bee's Natural Lip Glosses available in a variety of 12 gorgeous pearlescent shades.
These lip glosses contain botanical oils, jojoba esters, sunflower polyglycerides and beeswax which moisturize and soften your lips whilst giving you a long lasting pop of colour, the best part is they are 100% natural, delivering you the perfect colour and shine to your lips.
Influenced by this season, these colours are perfect for the upcoming spring and summer and make a great alternative to your usual lipbalm.
The applicator is a wand with a sponge tip that holds just the right amount of product to apply you your lips on the go, they have a  lovely vanilla smell and as soon as the product is on your lips I thought they instantly felt soft and kissable.
I also love the packaging, the twisty cap resembles a honey comb instantly making Burt's Bee's products recognizable.

Burts Bee's Lip Shimmer - £5.99

The second product above is Burt's Bee's Lip Shimmer available in the following 11 shimmery shades pictured above.
These slender tubes are another alternative to your usual lip balm if lip glosses aren't your thing, they contain antioxidant rich fruit seed oils and shea butter that nourish your lips, with their pearly shades, they add some shimmer to your lips while refreshing them with their infused peppermint oils which you can smell as soon as you take the lid off, there is nothing more refreshing than having this product tingle on your lips, its quite hard to resist the minty scent once it is on there too.
After trying these lips shimmers I found the formula is nice and smooth and my lips instantly felt hydrated,

Make sure you keep a look out for part two of this post coming soon.

What are your thoughts on this lip range?
Do you want to try them?

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