Monday, 31 March 2014


1. Having such a great family - MOTHERS DAY is always hard for me without my mum for the fourth year, but on Sunday I spent time with my grandma, my uncle, my husband and my mother and brother in law when we all went out for a meal for mothers day which reminded me how thankful I am to have the family I have and it was also the opportunity to treat my grandma for everything she did for me last year.

2. Daffodils - I can't get enough of them and I have to have a fresh bunch on my windowsill every week now till the supermarket stops selling them, I love their bright yellow colour and how they can instantly brighten a dull room up.

3. Pizza Express for making their pizzas available to buy in the supermarket, they taste just as amazing as they do in the restaurant and their small size makes me feel less guilty about scoffing the whole thing.

4. My cute kitty Jimjam, he provides me with endless cuddles and is always so cute first thing in the morning and one of the reasons why my Monday mornings are never as bad - pets are instant mood up-lifters.

5.  Malteaster mini bunnies, they are like little pieces of heaven and are one of the reasons why I look forward to Easter every year - plus I absolutely adore bunnies.

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