Thursday, 13 February 2014

Celebrate Valentines Day With Miners ♥

Tomorrow is Valentines today and while I don't make a big thing out of it - big teddy bears are just not my thing , a bunch of lowers would make my day since I hardly get them these days, I have absolutely loved all the valentines day inspired pieces of make up and valentines inspired outfit posts I have seen on the "blogosphere"

To me personally when I think of valentines day I always think of the colours "red and pink" so when this parcel fell through my letter box and I opened it up, I was surprised to see these three key pieces of make up from *Miners that they sent me on the run up to Valentines day with a little card saying "Happy Valentines," such a thoughtful gesture and I couldn't wait to test them out.

Me and my husband are going out for a meal tomorrow night, we don't normally on Valentines but it is our first valentines married so its only right we do so right.

I plan on using these three pieces when I go out tomorrow night, I have a lovely floral play suit I got this weekend from Warehouse that I plan on wearing – I'll be sure to post an OOTD this weekend.

 From Top To Bottom: Miners Nail Colour in 1000 Kisses - £2.99

Miners Moisture Effect Lipstick is a lovely moisturizing lipstick that goes on smoothly, its quite pigmented  with coral /red undertones too and you only new one coat of this for a bright pop of colour on your lips.
Its quite a moisturizing lipstick also so if your after a matte colour this one probably isn't for you.
The only problem I had while wearing this is, if your eating or drinking you will need to reapply it as it does get messy, I always drink through a straw because I think lipstick stains round a glass just don't look that classy and always choose food that you can eat with a knife and fork, pizza is a no no when your wearing lipstick, it gets all over your fingers!!

Miners The Cheek Of It!! Blush Stick is a new type of blush I have had he pleasure of trying this week, I am so used to using the powder blushes because they have always worked really well for my skin, but this little beauty is the perfect size to pop in your bag and I love that you don't need a brush, you simply twist it up you would with a lip balm and apply it to your cheeks before blending it in.
This pink shade is perfect for most skin tones and it looks really subtle when your make up is applied fully.
- This has persuaded me to try more creamy blushers in the future -

Miners Nail Colour in 1000 Kisses - I've not tried this shade yet but I will be painting my nails with it tonight because I know it will match my outfit for tomorrow, its a lovely natural pink shade with a bit of pearl shimmer in it, perfect if you want to create a french manicure.
Miners Nail polishes are quite pigmented, one coat is normally perfect for each nail I find - I have some lovely bright summery shades from their collection.

If your celebrating valentines with your boyfriend/fiance/husband or even the girls make sure you dress up tomorrow night and have an amazing night and maybe even give these products a go if your local pharmacy stocks them, if not, you can order online, it doesn't have to be for valentines day - I would highly recommend the fresh faced powder as my favorite go to product from their range and there blush stick.

What are your plans for tomorrow night?

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