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Beauty: My Top Three Make Up Must Have's & My Tips & Tricks ♥

I am one of them girls along with the other millions of you that would love to own every luxury make up item in the whole wide world and I normally make a beeline for my local Superdrug or Boots when I see the latest must have beauty product in the blogging world, however this post is a little different, I wanted share with you what my top three make up "must have" products would be if I could only pick three in the entire world for the rest of my life and also my favorite top three make up "tips" I  use when applying my make up - feel free to steal this post idea and share your favourite key pieces of make up.

Mascara - Mascara is my number one product I could not live without and if I had to only choose one product for the rest of my life I would pick .
My eyes don't look awake until I have at least three coats of mascara on them and it’s amazing how long your lashes can be made these days.
I do like to wear false lashes but sometimes they are a nightmare to apply for a night out and you always have that worry that they are going to peel away from your eyelids, this has happened to many times on a night out, so I like a product such as this Lights, camera, flashes statement mascara that can give you bold and longer lashes for those nights out.
I tend to apply more to my top lashes and pop one coat on my bottom lashes just so it doesn't look to caked on.

Top Tip - When applying your mascara apply your second or third coat while it is still wet, don't wait for it to dry - I do this all the time to avoid spider leg looking eyes and I find you can comb through your lashes easier, also zigzagging your brush rather than going in just one direction helps you coat your lashes so you reach every single individual eyelash.

Blush - I don't think your face is complete without a wash of colour to your cheeks using a Amazonian clay 12-hour blush in shade pink berry , I particularly love baby pink shades which I swap for warmer shade in  the summer time.
I think a blush can really sculpt your face depending on the shape of yours and I feel like my face always looks healthier with a flush of colour.
I have also recently been introduced to cheek stains which I have never thought about using before as I thought they would just look like you've splotched a spot of colour on your cheek, but they blend in surprisingly well and most cheek stains double up as a lip tints too which I think is a great idea.

Top Tip - When applying your blush place two fingers next to your nose and apply your blush beyond that so your applying it in the right place, I also find the good old smiling trick works where you apply the colour to the apples of your cheeks.

Lipstick - I never used to be a big wearer of until I first joined the blogging world, now I have quite a collection in a variety of shades, baby pinks and coral's being my key shades to go to.
I think they finish off make up perfectly and I love how you can accessorize your lipstick with your nail varnish which I try to do all the time.
I am a huge fan of the of the lip crayons that seem to be popping up everywhere, I like that they moisturise your lips whilst adding a pop of colour at the same time.
This particular LipSurgence Skinutive lip tint gives you a personalised pink tint based on your skins natural PH.

Top Tip - I always apply foundation to my lips before I apply my lip colour, I find this base helps prolong colour and I also blot my lips after using lipstick before applying a second coat and doing the same.

Face powder makes a perfect sealer to set lipstick in place.

What are your top three make up must have's?

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