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Make a New Year Resolution: Top Three Exercise Classes ♥

Make a New Year Resolution: Top Three Exercise Classes

The New Year is a perfect time to regain control of your life – out with the old and in with the new! Take the opportunity this year to make a resolution that you can stick to; there’s no point aiming for something that you won’t enjoy achieving and the feeling of failure when the resolution isn’t achieved is never a good feeling. Instead, choose a resolution that you can see yourself doing and you’ll see positive changes in no time.
Plenty of people say that they’re going to get fit as part of their positive New Year attitude, but not everyone can actually stick to those plans. Joining the gym is all well and good, in theory, but when you then take into account the monthly subscription fees, the idea can already go down the drain before you’ve even started. Add to that the concept of going to the gym a couple of times a week and trying to fit the time into a busy schedule can automatically mean that this resolution won’t be happening. Instead, take a look at the various exercise classes that are available in your area – the choice is amazing nowadays, with plenty of fun-filled classes available that you’ll be more likely to want to go to as well as out of necessity in your quest to get fit. 


The idea of heading to the pool and doing lap after lap of front crawl can seem a little boring. Instead, why not take a look at the various classes that incorporate water into an organised class, such as aquazumba or synchronised swimming? George’s swimsuits range is both affordable and stylish, so that you can look and feel good in the pool, and other than a couple of swimsuits, you won’t need much else!

Pole Fit

Take away the negative attitudes towards pole dance, and remove the connotations of seedy strip joints, and what you get is an incredibly hard workout that will tone every muscle in your body. These pole fit classes are increasing in popularity day after day, with more and more people (men included!) realising that the stamina, muscle strength and cardio workout that you develop is a super way of toning up and having fun.


This Latin-inspired dance workout will really get you sweating! It’s taken the world by storm, with various classes in every city across the country. It’s a great way to enjoy new dance moves, while also giving yourself a great hour of exercise. Not only that, but you will find your rhythm will improve too!

Finding the time to enjoy an exercise class can be difficult – many of us are already trying to juggle endless chores, errands, work commitments and of course, family life. That being said, your family will notice a positive change and will benefit, indirectly, from the time you make for yourself. By thinking about yourself for a change, you will be less stressed and more balanced as a person; your family will appreciate the happier you, too! 

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