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Lifestyle: 7 Resolutions for 2014 ♥

I wasn't sure if I was going to post this as they always seem cliche this time of year and everyone does them but I decided since this was MY blog I should write about whatever I wanted.

I have decided on 7 resolutions for the new year, I wrote my new years resolutions for 2012 but never actually set myself any for 2013.

So here are my 7 resolutions for 2014 - Please let me know if you too are doing any similar to mine.

1. Read at least one book a month - I used to absolutely love reading and I didn't get to read many books in 2013 mainly because I was more preoccupied with planning my wedding.
This year I want to read and complete at least one new book a month from all my favorite authors, which shouldn't be too hard as my favourite author Paige Toon has 2 new releases this year,
I'm hoping to review a few of my favourite reads on here too.

2. Write in my journal daily - If you are following me on instagram you will know I have recently started my own 5 year journal by Debbie Hodge here, I was inspired by the original 5 Year Q&A journal on Amazon but didn't want to have to wait for it to come in the post because I'm so impatient.
So I went out and bought my own journal and will be using Debbie's questions throughout the year and answering them by writing one or two lines a day, I think its will be nice to compare answers over the 5 years and see how much my life changes and I'm more likely to fill this in daily than having to write a full page.

3. Write my own book - I have always wanted to do this and my dream would be to have my book published and for others to be able to read it.
I started one in 2012 so I'm hoping to finish that this year.

4. Have a nice starting amount saved by 2015 - The next thing on mine and my husbands to do list is to save for our own place before we start a family in a few years, I'm quite old fashioned like that and I want to feel secure before we even start thinking about a family.
We have been living in our flat almost four years so a nice little house to call ours would be lovely.

5. Visit somewhere new this year - I love going to new places and I want to see so much of the world so going somewhere I have never been before in England or abroad would be nice.
I have two places on my wishlist, they are Paris & Amsterdam, I'd love a city break this year.

6. Find a part time job I love - I got made redundant not once but twice last year when I worked for Jane Norman which was a shame as I did actually enjoy my time there and also I started working at USC part time but I hated it so I quit, so this year will be all about finding a job I will love and not hate.
I already have 32 hour a week job want to fill in those extra 8 hours to earn a few more pennies towards saving.

7. I say this every year but I want to eat and be little healthier - This year will be cutting all those takeaways out, I'm going to be realistic and not ban myself completely, but I most certainly won't be having my weekly one's like I have been doing.
I want to cook more and try new foods that I haven't tried before.
I'm not banning sweets or chocolate but I am going to try and cut the snacking out and have treats less often.
I will also push myself to go to every single pilates class every week.

I hope in 2014 I can achieve these because I think setting yourself some goals definitely gives you something to aim for 

Do you have any new years resolutions similar to mine this year?

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