Friday, 29 November 2013

Beauty: Dirty Looks HK Quad Weft - Creating Voluminous Hair ♥

I got the opportunity to try the Dirty Looks HK Quad Weft recently,
I wasn't after hair extensions to lengthen my hair, it was more to add volume if anything.
My hairs doesn't hold many styles too well and that why I choose to wear it straight a majority of the time.
I've got a few layers in my hair but I love the voluminous look but can never achieve it myself.


The HK Quad weft comes in 21 different colours and two different lengths "16 - 18" and "20 - 22"
They offer a colour matching service up with your hair colour if you email them a photo asking what shade would be best, they were extremely helpful and picked out the colour "Organic" for me which was a perfect match,
My hairs a mahogany shade but probably has more brown tones in it.
I also picked the "16 - 18" length as my hair just comes past my chest area.

The weft is four layers of hair sewn together with added clips, its perfect for thickening up your natural hair if you have naturally thin hair but don't want to put lots of clips of extensions in your hair.
It comes packaged up in a netted material just in case you do change your mind about the colour and want to send it back.

Your hair extensions also come with a small handy book to tell you how to insert them into your hair and what styles are best to achieve using the extensions you have chosen, also you have instructions how to care and maintain them so they last too.

I inserted my Quad Weft into the top part of my crown area and it gave the illusion of an extra layer in my hair so I did achieve more of a layered look, it does say you can insert more of these depending on the thickness of your hair.
One quad weft doesn't fit the entire length of your hair all the way round as its only 8 inches wide but placed in the back of your hair I would say one placed at my crown did work for me and looked extremely natural against my own hair, its also a good way of adding other colours to add subtle highlights to your hair.

The quad weft blended well into my own hair after being clipped in and it was extremely comfy to wear throughout the day - this style was created wrapping the three lots of layers around a pair of straighteners to achieve this particular look pictured below with a spray of hair spray on the ends to keep the bounce.
The look achieved was a voluminous layered look which I absolutely love.

I thought my hair was quite thick already but with the help of this weft it definitely made it even thicker and full of body after styling.

In the future I will probably purchase more of these quad wefts to wear for nights out when I want that extra oooph in my hair and added bounce - I definitely think one personally is perfect for every day wear.

Have you tried the HK Quad Weft before??

Lifestyle: Hey Baby I Think I Want To Marry You ♥

Yes they were the lyrics to Bruno Mar's "Marry You" I got to see him live this weekend at his Nottingham show and I'm still on a bit of a high.
He was bloody amazing,

The tickets were a early birthday present earlier this year when Rachel & Gina bought me a ticket and surprised me, I tried to get tickets for the Manchester show but they sold out :(
so I've been looking forward to this concert for a while.

I met Rachel at Nottingham train station - it was my first time up in Nottingham - it was about a 1 hour and 45 minute journey from Manchester,
She took me around the city center after we dropped our bags off at the hotel we booked, and we headed straight towards somewhere that sold food because we were absolutely starving.

- We did stop for some sneaky photos though like -

Nottingham have their Christmas markets up, although we took a quick shortcut through them but decided it was best to wait to have a look about because, me Gina, and Racheal come down to visit Rachel Crawford next weekend and these Christmas Markets which will make a nice change from our Manchester German Markets, we will also be exchanging Christmas presents.

We ended up in good old Frankie & Benny's and we ordered pizza and Calzone, which tasted amazing by the way, then we headed back to our hotel stopping off at Tesco to get sweeties and some bottles of rose to start the night off with.

 - The night wouldn't be complete without some instagram selfies either -

We left for the concert at about 7.00pm I hate getting to concerts to early and waiting about as I normally hate the support bands that are on before.
We got an opportunity to take a few photo's when Bruno Mars himself joined us - haha we wish -

When Bruno Mars himself finally came on stage I was that excited the hair on my arms went up,
 I absolutely love that experience when the lights go out and the whole crowd erupts with screams and then the band comes on, its so exhilarating.

Bruno Mars was absolutely amazing live, I'm not kidding and sounds just like he does on his CD but 100% better, and he put on such a good show, he's one person I would recommend seeing live.

I have popped a few videos on instagram from the show, a few of my favorite songs were  "Just The Way You Are " and " Marry You", I do love his new album but his first one is still one of my favorites and I had "Marry You" at my wedding as one of my songs and it was also on my countdown app on my phone so it holds a special place in my heart now and always reminds me of my wedding.

 I want to see him again now!!! - sad face-
The weekend went farr to quick.....

Did you get chance to see Bruno Mars on his latest tour this year?

Monday, 25 November 2013

John Lewis: Secret Santa Gift Revealed ♥

You will know from a previous blog post that I was picked to take part in the "John Lewis Secret Santa Challenge" I was paired up with Nyss from Ciate Mini Advent Calender as I knew she liked this brand and had featured it a few times on her beauty blog.

Nyss Picked me out this *Ted Baker Crystal Bow Bobble Patent Purse it is beyond adorable and the first Ted Baker product I own, despite lusting after the patent shopper bags they always sell.
The cutest part about this purse is the inside, it has little french bull dogs with bows round their neck.
I know I really wanted the ted baker french bulldog shopper when it was in store but I don't think its available anymore.

It has all nice little details including the cute bow clasp with the Ted Baker logo and it opens out to all little compartments meaning you can store all your cards and notes inside.
Its also genuine leather so I really good quality product.
It even has the phrase written inside " Ted Says The More You Give, The More You Get"
This little purse is the perfect stocking filler for any girly girl.

Thank you very much Marcy for picking my lovely purse and thank you John Lewis for providing this gift for me.

Are you a fan of Ted Baker?

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Born Pretty Store: Pastel Gelly Watches ♥

 * Pink Jelly Watch - Born Pretty Store - Link.

I hope your having a nice lazy Sunday, I am after a busy weekend in Nottingham with Rachel from Life Of A Sweetaholic, we went to go and watch Bruno Mars on Friday night at the Capital FM Arena.

I have this watch to show you lovelies today that I received from the Jelly watches range they have on their website in an array of pretty candy pastel colours.
Being a girly girl at heart I opted for the pastel pink watch which is pictured above.

These Watches" but are much more affordable meaning you can buy them in every colour if you wanted to.

They also make the perfect stocking fillers at Christmas for the people who have everything, who doesn't need a watch, I never used to wear one until I got one for Christmas last year and now I can never be without one.

Mine took about three weeks to arrive as postage was free an for £3.69!!! you can't complain really.
It arrived in a  pretty presentation box so if you did want to give one of these as a gift it is already gift boxed.
You can to release a bit of plastic on the button at the side so the battery starts and the watch starts ticking - I know with some watches they come already working and that wastes battery life.

The silica gel strap is really comfortable and keeps the watch in places so its not sliding about everywhere.

I absolutely love mine and have already had a few compliments off family members.

If you love the look of these you can buy one yourself for £3.69 plus 10% off -that's 36p but that's almost £3.00?

You can use code CHARLOTTEMC10 - on any order of a watch you place from the store.

Do you like the look of these watches?

Sunday, 17 November 2013

A Ball For Binny ♥

This is a story that has touched me deeply, and I hope that you can keep reading on.
Being a Cyprus Bride myself I joined a group of lovely ladies on facebook group called "Cyprus Brides The Next Chapter" which is where I first learned about Fleur & Chris, you can read their story below.


"Chris and I met in Nov 2008 through a single parents holiday club, so smitten was he by my northern charm he drove the 240 miles to take me out for a meal.

We got engaged a few months later as we already knew then that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. We spent the next few years bombing it up and down the country to see each other, and then he finally moved up north in Nov 2010.

Our Cyprus wedding in Oct 2012 was the best day of our lives. I know that sounds like a cliché but it really was, marrying my best friend and soul mate. We were starting on a new chapter in our lives and couldn't wait to start to fulfil all our hopes and dreams.

After only 7 months of this new chapter, things changed. Chris became poorly with a cough that he couldn't shake and after 3 weeks of tests he was diagnosed with advanced Germ Cell cancer.

Initial treatment of chemo at The Christie hospital showed Chris was fighting back, but our happiness was to be short lived as the cancer soon became resistant to the chemo and the prognosis changed to terminal.

We made a decision then that we wouldn't waste a minute of our precious time together feeling sorry for ourselves, that's not to say we haven't cried, or cry now.

Chris believes he has been dealt this hand so that someone, somewhere doesn't have to be parted from their loved ones. 'That someone could be a child and I'm taking this for them.' he says, such is his army, band of brothers mentality. So we choose to 'live' with cancer, and we have lots of living to do.

Our charity ball is our way of giving something back to all the amazing people who have helped us, our amazing family and friends, the incredible team at The Christy hospital who have looked after Chris and Cancer research UK.

It is Chris' last wish that more research can be done so others can be cured of this cruel disease.

Chris has had 43 years of life, and I have been lucky enough to have known and loved him for 5 years, and for that we are truly blessed."



PLEASE DONATE AT: - click the link to donate,
TWITTER: @BallForBinny

This is a post just to ask anyone out there to make a donation no matter how big or small it is to help towards this cause and help make a difference.


I can't imagine what they are both going through but their love and strength inspires me so much, and I want to help them both raise money for Cancer Research and The Christie,

If you want to keep up to date with this cause please like A Ball For Binny Facebook Page
or follow on twitter @BallForBinny,

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Miners: Fresh Face Foundation & A Fresh Faced Giveaway [CLOSED] ♥

| *Miners Fresh Faced Foundation |

This is a post that is a bit late going up, I received these foundations a few months ago in August, 
I was quite intrigued to try these as I imagined they would be like the BB creams quite a few make up brands had bought out, and I loved the garnier version which is still a firm favorite of mine.

They come in three different shades - Ivory, Buff, Almond,

These foundations are meant to work with your natural skin tone so you can get an even coverage for a more natural fresh faced look, I know I sometimes like that fresh look when you have a day where you only want to wear a light layer of make up but don't want to go out barefaced, 
I always associate these sorts of foundations with Summer as I like to wear a lighter layer when it gets warmer to avoid the caked on look when it melts off your face, but now summer is gone, I will have to wait a few months before I can use these again, although they are also perfect if your blessed with living somewhere where it does sunshine all year round - not jealous at all.
 I know some people do prefer to wear a lighter based foundation all year round, so if your one of them people these foundation may just be for you. 

They are also paraben free and mineral based to ensure you have a fresh faced finish, you can finish you look off by dusting your face with fresh faced powder from the "Fresh Face Range" which retails at £3.99 to get rid of the shiny bits you sometimes get round your t-zone area.

Now the giveaway, 
I got sent three shades so I have two different shades to give away in Ivory and Almond which haven't been used because they aren't my shade and I thought it would be nice to give someone else the opportunity to try this brand.

This competition is worldwide and will run for the 1 week.

To find out what if Ivory or Almond would suit you  - click here to see the shades.

Fill in the rafflecopter form below and I will pick 2 winners by the 23 November 2013,

Make sure you let me know what shade you would like to win in a comment below,

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Friday, 15 November 2013

Winter Wishlist: Sammy Dress ♥

Hi lovelies - Happy Friday, I hope you all have a good weekend, I am off out again this weekend for a friends birthday tomorrow, I hope that I am up for it since battling the flue for two days, I'm feeling better now but not quite 100%, I hate bugs, bleuuurgh.

I wanted to introduce you to a new website I came across only last week called Sammy Dress who are a global online fashion retail company, they sell lots of different items from Womens Clothing, Mens Clothing, Wedding Dresses to Kids Toys - their jewelry section is pretty amazing too.

I not believe how affordable and pretty a lot of their clothing was - I picked my 6 favorite items for winter for you to give you an idea what pieces they do sell.

| 1: Checked Turn Down Collar Dress - £12.79 |

Shipping is free and if you live in the UK it can take from 7 - 25 days for your parcel to arrive, which I think is well worth the wait considering the price you would pay for some of these items if you bought them from a UK shop.

A lot of there pieces look good quality and are up to date with fashion, I spied a few tartan items in their new arrivals selection.
I have made an order from this website, so I am hoping to share more about this brand with you and what the quality of clothing is like ect. when I receive my order, and hopefully pop an outfit post up - watch this space.

Have you heard of Sammy Dress before? 

Thursday, 14 November 2013

The Bodyshop: Nutriganics Drops Of Youth ♥

 | *Nutriganics Drops Of Youth 30ml - The Bodyshop |

I know I am only 25 years old and while I still don't look - I got told I looked 18 at the weekend, a compliment I will quite happily take.
I like to think I have control over ageing by trying to slow down the process, when I got sent some information about this product I wanted to give it a go and see if it did any wonders for my skin.
I took this bottle with me when I went to Cyprus, I figured I wanted my skin to look good on my wedding day and more radiant so I used this for the 2 weeks I was away there, although I was rather annoyed when I came back to our hotel room and found out the lady who cleans the hotel rooms knocked the bottle over so I only got half way through of the bottle grrrr.

The way this product works is that it is enriched with plant stem cells to enhance your skins surface renewal which is where your skin replaces your dead skin cells with new one's, it is meant to make your skin smoother and firmer, you also meant to apparently see results in 5 days with skin that looks healthier and  looks more radiant, an independent study was conducted which said that 74% of women agreed their skin looked healthier and more radiant in 5 days

- A few days before we came home, no make up and healthy skin after using this product after a week and a half -

Because of stress I did have a few problems with spots the two weeks we were here and they only flared up on my chin area, although I noticed while using this the rest of my skin did look and feel more radiant and healthy, I only wore make up during the night and even then I felt my skin was really healthy and had a glow about it,
I don't know if the ingredients in the drops of youth helped but I used it on the area's I had spots to help speed up the healing process and I feel like it did make a difference and they cleared quicker than they would normally without the help of any creams.

You are meant to use a drop or two after you have cleansed your face, I used it at night time after removing my make up, you let it sink in your skin - it has quite a sticky texture when you first apply it but it does sink in on your skin really well - you can apply your natural moisturiser over the top as normal.

Now for the scientific part that makes this product really interesting, 98% of the ingredients in this product are all naturaly enriched with plant cells from "Criste Marine" which is a plant that is known to delay premature ageing found along the cliff tops on the coastline of  France, it is able to thrive in harsh, dry conditions and sustains itself by absorbing nutrients from the air around it, it spends 12 hours submerged in seawater and another 12 on the stones under the hot sun, this plant only grows in the spring time and because of this scarcity it has eared the title of being the most precious skin care ingredient of the 21st century.

This part of the product really interested me and so much more I even googled it to find out more about the plant which you can read if you click the Attribute link below.

A 30ml bottle retails for £22.00 but you can get an extra 20mls for another £6.00 if you buy a 50ml bottle with the Christmas offers on right now its worth buying a bottle or anything else from the Nutriganics range.

I know this is a product I will be using in my daily routine from now on.

* Some wording has been taken from the press release, and my own research has also gone into this post, opinions are my own,

Have you tried these drops before or anything from this range??

Thursday, 7 November 2013

If In Doubt Wear Pink ♥

| Pale Pink Fluffy Jumper - Primark - £10.00 | Leggings ( Last Years) & Boots (This season) Both Primark |

I have seen these fluffy jumpers in lots of different shops and some some girl's blogs and I couldn't wait to get my hands on one - I love the material and they always feel so warm and snuggly - I have got three of these jumpers now.
 I wasn't looking to buy any clothes when I was Christmas shopping yesterday but I couldn't resist picking this one when I saw it.
I don't know what your contrast is like on your computer or laptop but its sort of a pale powder pink colour - primark do them in all sorts of different colours including a burgundy I need to get my hands on - and the best bit is they are only £10.00.
I've chosen to keep mine casual with some leggings and a pair of boots for a more laid down everyday look for my job - both also from Primark, 
But if I wanted to dress it up a little I'd layer it over a dress for a more girly dressed up look.

I hope you lovelies have a good weekend, I will be spending half of my weekend with Rachel Crawford from Life Of A Sweetaholic, Racheal from JustRach and Gina from Through These Brown Eyes when they come down to Manchester for a girls night out and to say over at mine.

What do you think of these jumpers?

Monday, 4 November 2013

I'm Taking Part In The John Lewis Secret Santa Challenge ♥

I can't believe we are in November already, these past months have really flown by, and its now officially getting colder so I found out on my drive to work this morning, turning the heating on full blast.

The fact its getting colder can only mean winter is finally here and Christmas almost is - well next month.
 This Christmas will be a special one this year for me because its mine and my husbands first Christmas together as Husband & Wife and I'm looking forward to buying him a "Husband Card" for the first time.

I was one of the bloggers who was invited to participate in the John Lewis Secret Santa Challenge, this challenge is quite exciting because I have never done a Secret Santa before, we never really did them in work.
I love picking gifts for people and I always seem to nail it on the head every year when people receive my presents so I hope I can surprise someone that I don't know that well by giving them something they will love.

On the 11th November I will be given the details of another blogger who is also taking part, I will then have to have a read through their blog and get a feel of what that person is like through their posts - another new way to discover new bloggers - and then I will be given a list from John Lewis which I will have to chose a gift from.

The 25th November will be the day that I and the secret blogger receive our gifts from each other from John Lewis which I can share with all of you in a future blog post - exciting.

I absolutely love the sound of this challenge and I think its a great way to bring bloggers together and also maybe give other bloggers some inspiration themselves as to what gifts they can buy for their family and friends this Christmas.

I also want to share with you this magical advert John Lewis have made for Christmas this year, I absolutely adore the John Lewis adverts and this one made me shed a tear when I watched it, its so beautiful,

Are you taking part in this challenge this year??

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