Friday, 30 August 2013

New Cosmetics - I Perfection Foundation ♥

I was sent this product a few months ago to try from Hairtrade, I'm quite funny about foundations and which one's I use because I have quite greasy skin so like I do with all foundations I like to use them for a month or so to see how they work with my skin.

This foundation is meant to work by adapting to your skin tone using adaptive pigments.

I love how classy and sophisticated the packaging feels, there's an expensive feel about the bottle and I love how different it is from your standard glass bottle, you can see how much you have left by the level at the side of the product.

It worked really well with my skin too, its doesn't have a greasy consistency which some foundations tend to, leaving you with a shiny face - this dries quite quickly - so its perfect for you ladies with oily skin

I would use it again, but this would most likely be a luxury product for me and one I would use for nights out or special occasions only - your allowed one luxury product in you life aren't you?

From left to right - Before & After and bottom - Full face with foundation,

I took a photo of how this foundation works with a before and after shot so you can see its adaptive pigments at work - swatches on hands don't tell the full story I think.

I chose the vanilla shade for my skin - it was a little tricky picking my skin tone colour online because I normally love to see the product in real life - the shade I picked was true to colour and it was the right shade for my skin tone.

This foundation retails for £28.50 - I think its worth the price purely because its not just your average foundation, but I'd purchase this personally as a luxury product.

You can purchase it from the Hairtrade website here

Would you try this foundation?
Have you ever tried any product from the <ID> range?

Thursday, 29 August 2013

How To Make Your Hair Dry Faster - Lee Stafford Blow Dry Wonder Spray ♥

I bought this product about a month ago for £2.00 can you believe from my local quality save, it retails for £6.19 on the Boots website here so I saved about £4.00, they flew off the shelves because I went the next day and they were all gone. 

I have been using this spray for the past month now to blow dry my hair which is a chore because it is thick and long, a month ago I never actually knew a spray even existed.

The directions on the can say your supposed to spray onto wet hair and brush through to distribute the product all over before blow drying.

Well it works.......

To test the theory out I timed how long it took for my hair to dry 
Normally without this spray, it takes about 12 minutes roughly.

This spray dried my hair in 6 minutes and 33 seconds, that was just over half the time it took me normally, so I saved about 5 minutes extra which could of been spent eating my breakfast which I always miss, even an extra cheeky 5 more minutes in snoozeland.

I actually don't know where this product has been all my life and its been heaven this past month with the heatwave we have had, any girl knows drying her hair in heat is a nightmare.

Its also doubles up a detangler - this theory I can't test because my conditioner does that job already,
 It protects your hair beforehand up to 220 degree heat and contains special ingredients which improve the smoothness of your hair and reduces frizz prior to styling.

So if like me drying your hair is a chore, I recommend you buy this spray.

Have you girls tried this spray before?

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

I Heart Summer Tag ♥

Summer is almost over but while its still here I wanted to join in and post this "I heart Summer Tag" that I took from the beautiful Kayleigh from CoutureGirl

1. Favourite bronzer for Summer?

I have been using the same one all of this summer that I got in an offer from Miss Sporty - I always think there make up in aimed for teenagers, but I picked up Ohh Tan So Fine Bronzer in an offer for £2.99 in Superdrug and got a free watermelon lip balm with it and I've pretty much used it and will be repurchasing it.

2. Favourite summer lip product?

I tend to love wearing tinted lip glosses in the summer because I like to keep my lips moisturized and lipglosses a little lighter than lippies, the one I have used the most has been the Bodyshops "Love Gloss For Lips" 

I have also found myself using Rimmels "Apocalips" in Stellar which is a really vibrant coral shade which has been perfect summer because its such an eye popping colour.

3. Pool or beach?

It depends if I'm on holiday or not, If I am abroad, then you can find my lying by the pool with a good girlie read, if its at home then you know how bad english weather can be so I make I make sure if its a really sunny day, I'll go to the beach for the day, I don't live very near a beach, the nearest one is about an hour away.

4. Must have styling product?

I don't tend to put an awful lots of products in my hair as it can get greasy quite quickly if I do, so in the Summer months when my hairs exposed to the sun I have been using Lee Stafford's Breaking Hair Treatment its more for girls who style there hair a lot and colour it which I do, but I use it once a week just to give my hair some extra TlC
and to reduce hair drying time when its really hot I have been using Lee Stafford's Blow Dry Wonder Spray - which is amazing if you want your hair to dry in half the time it takes - not only can you have an extra 5 minutes in bed but it really does work.

5. Sun bathing or fake tan?

Sun Bathing - I'm not the biggest fan of fake tan, I hate the thought of patchy skin that I sometimes see on girls.
In the Summer months or when I go away, I turn to good old SPF and tan the old fashioned way.
Sometimes I use gradual tan after sun which enhances my natural tan and I do tend to use Garnier Summer Body in the Spring to give myself a bit of colour.

6. Favourite summer drink?

I don't drink an awful lots but in the Summer I do love a nice glass of sweet rose wine or a Mojito, alcoholic and non alcoholic, Summer tends to be the month I drink cocktails more or if I'm on holiday.
If its something refreshing and non alcoholic I do love a nice cold glass of lemon fanta.

7. Favourite summer nail polish?

I have been loving the Bourjois Paris So Laque in Tangerine Fatal

8. Any summer traditions?

There's never normally ever any Summer traditions  I do tend to go on more days out every Summer either to the beach or the theme parks with groups of friends.
Its my birthday and my fiances in the Summer so we normally arrange a big night out on the town to celebrate but this year we did that and went to the beach and had a beach party.
We also try and get away at the start of September when Summer here is almost ending.

9. Favourite summer scent?

Armani Code - I got this a few years ago for my birthday and I take it away with my when I go on holiday and it just reminds me of happy memories.
Its quite a dark scent so I normally wear it at night before we go out.
I got a new bottle of this this year for my birthday and its my third bottle.

10. Favourite BBQ food?

I don't think you can go wrong with a good burger in a bun, I also love salad with it too, there's nothing more refreshing than that on a hot summers day.
 I absolutely love BBQ food and I can't wait till I finally have a house so I can have a BBQ in the summer in my own garden.

11. Favourite summer-proof product?

Make up is a nightmare when I am away on holiday and in the summer and my skin gets shiny really quickly so I have been using 17 Miracle Matt Loose Powder and it does keep shine at bay all day and night with a few touch ups, I have used a lot of powders and this one works the best for my skin.

12. Any summer plans?

I am getting MARRIED in Cyprus, we fly out on the 18th September and I absolutely can not wait to say "I DO" overlooking this view.

Feel free to join in and post this tag on your blog - let me know if you do.

Monday, 26 August 2013

OOTN - Feeling Boohoo ♥

Saturday the 24th August was the official countdown of one month till me and my fiance finally get married and about 3 weeks till we fly out to Cyprus, so I'm beginning to feel really excited - eeek!

| Primark Strappy Cami - £3.00 | Jasmeen Laser Cut Skater Skirt - Missguided - £14.99 | Primark Flats - £8.00 | Primark Blazer - Old | Necklace - Jane Norman Old | Cath Kidston Bag |

 We decided to have a night out in Manchester to watch the new Kickass 2 movie which was actually pretty good, 
My fiance made me watch the original one the night before and I rolled my eyes when he mentioned it but it was actually a really good film and I really enjoyed it.

The weather can't make up its mind these days so I decided to wear a skirt non the less and risk the rain because its still pretty warm outside and sticky eurrrgh,

I bought this skirt for £14.99 on the Missguided website the same time I bought my dress for my hen party and it fitted perfectly, 
I originally bought this skirt for my holiday but I'm terrible at waiting to wear something new - I have managed to refrain myself from wearing other things.

I bought this skirt to wear with crop tops while away and it feels really weird that I'm still shopping for summer clothes since when I get back in October I will probably be already wearing my jumpers and new boots I bought from Primark in my previous post here.

You can buy this skirt on the Missguided website here

We also went to a new bar in Manchester in Spinningfields called Southern Eleven and we ordered the 100% rump beef burger and skinny fries which was ammmmazing, I absolutely love pickles so I was really happy they put them on the side:

We ended the night with a few glasses of rose for me and pear rekorderlig and had a chat about where we were thinking of going on our honeymoon next year - exciting.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Bodyshop Colour Crush Lipsticks - New Collection & Lip Swatches ♥

Lipstick is one of my favorite must have items of make up so I was really excited trying these colours out for this post.

They were released on the 20th August as the Bodyshop's new Colour Crush Lipstick Collection which have over 24 colours to choose from - they are replacing the Colourglide Collection for those who use that lipstick.

I got to try these two colours and one of the colours I would probably have not picked up normally is the plum shade "Damsel In Distress" - I tend to stick to light colours in Summer and I wear more reds in Autumn,

Another reason why I love these lipsticks is because they are 100% animal cruelty free and 100% vegetarian,

These lipsticks are split up into three colour categories: Brightest Red/The Sweetest Pinks/The Finest Nudes so there is a lip colour for every skin tone.

They are very moisturizing when worn on your lips which is another important must with any lip colour,

They contain cherry seed oil and community fair trade maula oil which helps the lipstick glide on.
They also have a nice floral smell which I love.

The packaging is nice and simple and the lipstick shade accessorizes the lid which I love as some packaging only has the colour on the bottom of the product, so its quite easy to distinguish what colours what if you have more than one of these shades.

I swatched the two colours on my lips so you can see how they look:

| From top to bottom - Coral Kiss - 315 | Damson In Distress - 240 |

The "Coral Kiss" shade is subtle  for every day wear, definitely a favorite shade of mine,

The "Damsel In Distress" shade is perfect for the Autumn months with burgundy shades.

They are available in store form the 20th August an online here for an RRP £10

What do you think about these lipsticks?

Friday, 23 August 2013

OOTD - Mixing Vintage With Floral - Featuring French Connection ♥

| Blouse - Topshop - Vintage Buy | Carnation Floral Shorts - French Connection | Necklace - Jane Norman |

Today I have this lovely pair of shorts to show you which were kindly sent to me from French Connection, they were £55.00 but you can grab them now for only £22.00,
The weather has sadly been rather rubbish so I've not had the opportunity to wear these shorts out and about, I wish I had got them when all the sunshine was here.

I am going on holiday next month so I took the opportunity to have a look at my wardrobe and see how I could wear these pretties when I'm away, 
There quite a busy pattern so I'd want the attention to be focused on the shorts, so I opted for this sheer cream blouse I got last year from a vintage shop, its a favorite purchase of mine for only £2.99, 

The necklace is another old buy from three years ago can you believe, I think i got this in the sale for about £3.00 when I used to work at Jane Norman, its still one of my favorite staples and is definitely a holiday necklace.

What do you think of these shorts?
How else would you wear them

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A/W Primark Haul ♥ A Girly Weekend ♥

This weekend that's just gone was my fiance's stag do so I took this as the perfect opportunity to have a girlie night in with my favorite girls, the lovey Rachel Crawford and my maid of honour Steph.
It was a goodnight, we ordered most of the menu from the chinese, watched Magic Mike and had cocktails.

I'll pop some photo's up at the end from the weekend.

When I met Rachel in Manchester, we decided to go shopping for a few hours, I bought some last minute Han Party bits and then we hit Primark to see what they had.

They have already started to get there A/W pieces in and I actually wasn't planning on buying the bits I did but I couldn't resist, 
So I now have a few key pieces to add to my wardrobe again for when I get back from Cyprus and it will be officially Autumn.

Here's what I purchased.

Burgundy was a colour I absolutely loved last A/W so I'm glad that its back again.

| Tan Boots - £15.00 |

 | Burgundy Shorts & Vest Set - £5.00 | French Bull Dog Top - £3.50 - Matching Bottoms - £5.00 |

| Burgundy Imitation Converse - £7.00 |

| Ramones T-shirt - £8.00 | Acid Wash Jeans - £11.00 |

| Floral Vest - £4.00 | Burgundy Vest Top - £3.00 |

| Pug T-shirt - £5.00 |

| Earrings - £1.50 |

| Blue Lace Shoulder Jumper - £6.00 |

| Pine Green Short Sleeved Jumper - £5.00 |

 We took a trip into New Look first and I ended up picking up this shirt I loved when I first saw it, 
I had a 20% off voucher too so it was wrong not to really.

I also picked up a clutch bag for my hen party to go with my dress and to double up and a bag to use at night when I go away on holiday next month.

| Floral Blouse - £14.99 | Beige Clutch - £7.99 |

Here are a few photo's from our weekend too, beware the food looks yummy :)

Yummy treats for the weekend bought by my fiance - isn't he a good un - he sure knows how to please a girl.

Yummy Lime Margarita's

Tea consisted of Duck In Lemon Sauce, Chips, Noodles and Egg Fried Rice - Nom

We also got stopped my the Chobani Manchester team and got given free yogurts, we were told to post for a photo so we could tweet them.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

OOTD - Summer Tropical Prints ♥

Afternoon lovelies, 
Today I wanted to show you this really pretty chiffon blouse I got from Chicnova a few weeks ago.
I couldn't wait to receive it as a previous top with a similar print had sold out that I had bought first time around from the website, so when I saw this I bought it straight way.

Because Chicnova is a Hong Kong online shop I'm a little wary of sizing as I know there sizes are much smaller than the average UK and I'm between a UK 8/10.
This was a size M and it fitted ok, I could of gone a size smaller however as it was quite baggy without the belt - its still available online - link is below photo's,

| Floral Blouse - Chicnova | Disco Leggings - Primark | Tan Peep Toes Shoes- Primark |

It comes with a lovely little magenta skinny elasticated belt which clinches you in at the waist,
You definitely need the belt otherwise it looks like there is to much material at the bottom.
Although it is meant to be worn with a belt to give a floaty look, and it is really flattering for those who have a teeny tiny waist.
I love the colouring, its so bright and summery even though I'm not really feeling all this rain after the lovely weather we had a few weeks ago.

The clothing I have received from Chicnova has always been excellent quality and this blouse is so exception, I absolutely love it, it is a key piece I can wear everyday in a few different ways.

- it even goes perfectly with my pink gel nails -

I also received this gorgeous floral playsuit and these heart motif shorts but they were just far to big for me, I thought they deserved a little mention in this post too, I will hopefully repurchase them in a smaller size.

You can purchase the shorts here 

What do you think of this blouse?

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