Wednesday, 31 July 2013

A Day At The Beach ♥

There's something really nice about spending the day on the beach,
I don't live very near either, so when it was my birthday on the 21st July - I turned 25
 But that age was just a number, I still felt like a child the whole day I was there.

Me and my fiancé and a few friends went to Formby Beach which is just an hour away from us to spend the day there and celebrate my birthday beach style.
While I was there, it really got me thinking,
Why in the summer do I not spend more time here??

Days on the beach are the perfect way to celebrate most occasions and who doesn't have fun at the beach?

  I decided to put together a list of necessities needed to have the perfect beach party and a few of my own tips for a beach party.
 It doesn't have to cost a lot, you can make your beach party as affordable as you want:

1. Pink Straw Beach Mat - £2.49 From your local Home Bargain store - I picked up one of these and it was so handy for the beach.

2. Cath Kidson Rose Provence Paper Plates - £4.00

3. Pink X-Mini Portabe Speakers - £14.99

4. Dot To Dot Cocktail Shaker - $22.95 - Perfect if you want a few cocktails on the beach.

5. Paisley Rose Cooler Bag - £2.95

6. Sweet As Pie Mason Drinking Glass - $11.95 - these are the cutest little drinking glasses with the straws, perfect for the beach because you would just knock a glass over, they have a few different types of drinking glasses on there website here.

♥ When travelling, find out who in your group drives and all make plans on sharing a car, that way you can all chip in with the fuel costs and any other fees like entry, as most places charge per car for parking up, there's no point making you way separately.

♥ If you have quite a few people coming ask everyone to bring a little something, that way no one has to spend a fortune on food and that way there will be something for everyone to eat.

♥ Always check the weather at least a week before and keep your eyes on it throughout the week, the weather changed last minute when I went, it was meant to be a sunny day but it ended up being a scattered cloudy but very warm day - I even got sunburn.

♥ Talking of sunburn - Top Tip - don't make my mistake, even if it is cloudy, wear suncream, the sun always tends to be stronger on the beach as the sand reflects a greater amount of light so you are at more risk of burning than if you were lying in your back garden or by the pool,

♥ Ask everyone to bring a towel, that way you can put all your towels together to form  huge picnic blanket, no one likes sitting on sand.

♥ Think of games and activities you can do on the day if you don't want to just be sitting around on the beach, get the guys to bring a football, they can have a bit of a kick about why us girls can relax.

♥ Ask someone to bring a iPod speaker, a party on the beach is not a party without music.

♥ Last but not least, make sure someone brings a camera, you need pictures to remember this day, and remember its the beach, you can be the biggest kid you want to be.

Do you love going to the beach??

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Bass Buds Classics - Your Colour, Your Style ♥

I was really excited when I received these earphones in the post, partly because they they were really girlie and pink.
But also because I had read so much about them,
They are available in different colours to suit your personal style so there is a colour for everyone.

I chose the Pink Bassbuds from the Classic Collection, they come complete with:
ear buds, and genuine swarovski elements embedded into the earpieces themselves.

RRP: £54.00

They come packaged in a compact little box complete with a certificate of authenticity, a different range of ear pieces, which I liked, not all standard earphones fit in my ears and it can so be so uncomfortable for me, but these had quite a few sizes to choose from.
and you also get a handy little bag so you can carry them around with you.

They are made of a double wrapped cable which makes it impossible to get these all tangled up, another pet hate of mine, I hate tangles and have broke a few earphones trying to get them out of a knot.

 The sound you get from them in truly amazing, I used to think all earphones were the same but I have noticed the difference when watching my favorite show "Vampire Diaries" in bed,
They have HD audio via the Advanced Crystatronics Virtual Surround Sound Technology that makes these earphone sound amazing, 

They even have a gold plated 3.5 audio jack for optimum connectivity and sound quality.

You can view the different ranges from the Bassbuds website here

Do you like the look of these earphones?
Are they something you would pick?

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Miners Luxe Lips - Creme Gloss ♥

Hey girlies, sorry for my lack of posting this month if you have noticed,
I seem to have disappeared for two weeks, I have been really busy wedding planning and making the most of all the sunshine, so its safe to say I have been extremely preoccupied.
It is now less than two months till my big day so I am sorting out all the final preparations - look out for that post soon,

Today's post is about these gorgeous summery glosses that remind me a little bit of the Rimmel Apocalips collection with a slightly glossier texture.

There are from Miners new range LuXe Lips

Available in the following 5 summer shades: It Girl, Duchess, Material Girl, Beauty Queen and Uptown Girl.

These creamy glosses are perfect for day wear, they contain moisturizing oils and beeswax to ensure you get a super glossy look,
The colours are all extremely pigmented and there are different shades to suit everyone's taste.
I personally love the coral shade - second in - it looks gorgeous with a tan,

They are a super handy small size with a small bristle applicator insuring you get a perfected application, and a little bit of lip gloss does go a long way,

Your lips will need topping up every couple of hours - even more reason to buy a different colour,
But they make a subtle difference to any make up look.

Try a natural made up look with a touch of bronzer, brown mascara and complete the look with one of these colour popping colours.

They are a bargain at only £3.99 and can be found on the miner website here, 
They are also available from most pharmacies.

Do you like the look of these creme glosses??

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Beautiful Jewelry By Bellast ♥

 A few weeks ago I was contacted by Bellast Jewellery and asked if I wanted to feature some of their jewelry on my blog - I was more than happy after having a browse on their website - they have such pretty jewelry,
Bellast have lots of different pieces to choose from such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings perfect for all occasions at low prices.
I am a huge addiction to buying earrings and have countless pairs of studs, so I was spoilt for choice when it came to choosing what to pick,
Left To Right - | Multicoloured Heart Earrings - $9.33 | Gold Plated Heart Studs - $7.50 |
I love cute little studs like these as they compliment most outfits and add a little big of sparkle to even the plainest of outfits,
I was really happy with what I picked  and think the prices aren't to much to pay for quality pieces.
They didn't take long to come either - just under a month - the shipping was free so I didn't mind waiting that little bit longer.
| Colourful Rhinestone Flower Pendant - $11.67 |
They were packaged perfectly and had so faults or defects like some jewellery that I have ordered before from China.

Bridal Studs - $10.00
 I picked these pearl studs to wear for my wedding - they are so classy,

I would definitely recommend this website if you want to buy some pretty pieces as a present, they offer matching sets and I'm really happy with mine.
What do you think of these pieces?
Which are your favourite?

Sunday, 7 July 2013

OOTD Ditsy Summer Days ♥

Wow, how amazing is this weather, I am so happy we are finally having some sort of summer at long last and I hope its here to stay longer than a week.
I have my fiances birthday coming up next week and my birthday 2 weeks today when I will be 25,

Today me and my fiance drove the hour up to Cannock to visit my fiances best friend and his mum, so it was a good excuse to get out in the sunshine for the day.

This is my outfit from today,

| Dress - Primark - £13.00 featured in my latest haul here | Sandals - Primark - Last Season | Straw Bag - Primark - Last Season |

I originally bought this dress to wear for my holiday in September, but I thought since it had been so nice it deserved to be worn.
Its a lovely 60's style dress with an elasticated top so it doesn't keep falling down.
There lots of material at the bottom, so its really swishy.
Definitely a favorite dress of mine, its still in stores now.

Today was spent in the pub garden having a cajun pan friend steak salad and then a cheeky whipped ice cream with strawberry sauce in the park from the ice cream man afterwards.

 I hope all you lovelies have had a nice weekend in the sunshine, what have you done this weekend??

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Body Shop Molten Beauty Collection ♥

With the sun not really making a show this summer, I still like to use more summery colours this time of year, especially when I go away to help enhance a natural tan.
I love how healthy a bronzed look can make you, and this is the reason why Summer is my favorite time of year for make up, because I feel like I don't need to wear as much.

I was happy to be able to test a few of these products and I can't get enough of them all, 
especially my favorite, this Shimmer Cubes Palette- In Chocolate Box - RRP - £16.00,
They come in there own little compact cubes with a there own lids, perfect to pop in your make up bag.

These shades are perfect to wear on your eyelids and are very pigmented, I particularly like using the lightest shade and blending the darkest shade at the edges of my eyes to make them stand out.
They are also available in different colours, I have my eyes on the smoky shade at the minute.

They are long wearing and easily blendable,
I  think I will be bringing these on holiday with me for my wedding, the colours are perfect tones to go with a holiday tan.

This other products is also a favourite - All in One BB Cream - £12.00,
I found this cream to be really magic, when you first squeeze it out the tube it appears white like cream, but after blending it in it adapts to your skin tone giving you a natural finish.
This is perfect for those who like the "barely there look" its really light, hydrates your skin and lasts all day long.
I tried the medium shade and that colour worked really well for me - there are three different shades to choose from.

Another BB cream perfect for during the day in the summer months.

Blended in against my skin tone.

The last product to show you is this Honey Bronze Bronzing Gel - £12.00,
Now I haven't actually used this on the whole of my face, I have only applied it to my cheeks, for a bit of a glow instead of my normal powder bronzer, on my face because I don't have that much of a glow just yet.
A small amount goes a long way and you can build colour depending on how much of a glow you would like to achieve.

It is ideal for all skin tones, just don't apply to much.

Do you like the look of any of these products or have you tried them?

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