Sunday, 30 June 2013

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My Reason To Celebrate With "My Cocktail" - Lime MarGorita's ♥

They say as one door closes another one opens, 
I had some really good news this week after a bit of a rubbish start to the week,
Some of you may know I got made redundant at Jane Norman at the Trafford Center in May so of course I panicked and started hunting for a new job, within a week I got a job at USC but just didn't enjoy it at all after a month, I think you know personally if your heart isn't in it.
I made the decision to leave and found out a few days later that Jane Norman in Manchester Arndale were after someone, so I rang them up and yesterday they rang me up and asked me when I could start.
You could say I was happy to be back as they are a company I have enjoyed working for, not everyone enjoys retail but I do love my job and I have been with the company for 2 years or so already and they have been so good to me.

I start next Saturday - So come and say hi if your ever in Manchester.

So what better way to celebrate, than with a cocktail from My Cocktail,

These are so yummy and make the perfect drink to sit back and relax with, especially on a really sunny day,
or warm night - maybe at a BBQ,

I was kindly sent these to try a few weeks ago, of course jumped at the chance and said yes as I have had the "Mocktails" which you can either have on there own or mix with alcohol and I really enjoyed them.

This particular flavor was really refreshing, the alcohol doesn't really overpower the taste like some cocktails do, I really enjoyed them and will definitely purchase these in the future.

You can either have it served chilled or you can pop them in the freezer for 3 hours and have them slushy.
The handy little pouches also come with straws making them the perfect drink to take with you on a picnic.

They are available at some supermarkets to buy, I purchase mine from my local Asda store.

As with all alcoholic drinks you have to be 18 to buy them.

Have you ever tried any of the cocktails from this range before?

Friday, 28 June 2013

Karma Clothing - Midi Madness ♥

I was really excited when Karma Clothing contacted me asking me to be part of there Sumer Trend Lookbook featuring a look from the midi madness range.

Midi dresses have become part of my summer wardrobe since its to wet or too cold to wear a short dress lately, I hope this won't be our summer.

| Dress - Barratts |

I chose this dress as I loved the print and thought it was very on trend with all the bright neon fashion pieces that are everywhere at the minute.

I love Aztec print the most Matthias season, I think it's such a flattering pattern and definitely suits any figure, especially in this dress,

 I teamed my midi dress with this bold neon bold necklace which is actually part of a set with matching earring, the earrings weren't really me so I stuck with plain studs for this outfit.

 I also wore my barrats wedges which were kindly sent to me to review for my blog. 
They are extremely comfy and are the perfect footwear to wear with a midi dress this time of year for a more casual look during the day.
Because they are also tan, this makes them the perfect shoe to take away with you as they will go with every outfit.

What do you think of this outfit, do you love midi dresses for during the day?

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Summer Holiday/Wedding Buys - Primark, New Look, Select ♥

The Saturday that's just gone was my excuse to go shopping after I met up with Rachel Crawford, We managed to get some shopping time in after the Paige Toon book signing (see yesterdays post)

We also met up with Gina at Yates to give her her birthday presents as we don't get to meet up often, she loved what me and Rachel got her and we certainly spoiled her.

After some lunch in Yates me and Rachel hit Manchester Primark for some holiday shopping.
 I have just recently had to quit my new job, my heart wasn't in it and I suddenly panicked and thought "I can't do this for the rest of my life", so this month and next will be my only opportunity for a splurge before I go away and also get married, (sad face) I am already looking for something new though and I still have my other job so my main priority has to be flat bills and paying for our wedding.
Its a good job my holiday wardrobe is almost complete - here's what I bought -

Primark Butterfly Sandals - £10.00
0IIb fell in love with these sandals as soon as I saw them, they had actually been dumped by someone in a random department but they were my size and the fitted like a gem - these will be for my holiday at the night time, I'm thinking of taking about 4 pairs of shoes for the night (2 pairs of wedges and two pairs of sandals)

More pretty studs - £2.00
I can't help but chuck some of these in my basket each time I go for a shop.

Top to Bottom - Primark Shorts - £12.00, Primark Jewelled Shorts - £12.00, Select Shorts - £12.00

Shorts are something I do not have enough pairs off, I have about two pairs so I only originally was meant to pick up the first two, but Select had these laced edge ones that I had seen similar in New Look, and for £12.00 I couldn't say no.
More Basics - Primark Striped Top - £3.00
Primark Pink Crop Top - £2.00
New Look lace crop top - £12.99
Crop tops are a trend I want to embrace but for someone who is paranoid about there tummy, so i figured buying pieces I can wear with high waisted shorts for more confidence was a better idea.
I just need to make sure I go to pilate's every week now.
New Look Yellow Vest - £12.99
New Look Neon Floral Chiffon Top - £12.99
Select Lace Top - £8.00
I am loving all the bright colours around at the minute, I think they really make an outfit pop and I love these colous I have bought, particularly the yellow top.
Primark Dress - £13.00

I vowed I would not buy anymore dresses for my holiday since I probably have about 30 now but I could not pick up pretty blue dress, its a bandeau style with an elasticated back, and very floaty at the bottom, its quite a 60's style.
Well those are all the bits and pieces I picked up on Saturday, now I'm going to try not to touch some of them till September,
Officially under 3 months till I get married.... eeek!

Monday, 24 June 2013

Meeting Paige Toon ♥

This Saturday was a really busy one because not only did I get to see Rachel Crawford and Gina again,

Me & Rachel also went to a book signing at Waterstones in Manchester to meet our favorite chicklit author Paige Toon, we have been waiting for her to book signing for a long time.

I first got into reading Paige Toon's books when Rachel Crawford recommended reading them to me, 

I downloaded "Lucy In The Sky" to my ipad and from then on I was hooked buying her books on release date and even going as far as to waiting till midnight to download her book once it became available.

Not many authors can make me not want to put a book down but with Paige Toon's books, I could happily read one all day long till I finished it, her newest book "The Longest Holiday" I finished in less than a week which caused me to lose out on so much sleep as I possibly could not stop reading it.

I Saturday I met Rachel bright and early at Piccadilly and we went to Waterstones , we bought our favorite books out of the series  "Johnny Be Good"- I have all of mine downloaded to my ipad/kindle - before queuing up.

When me and Rachel finally met Paige Toon herself, she was honestly one of the most loveliest people I have ever met, she greeted us with a hug and she chatted away to us for about 10 minutes, asking us what were were doing later that day and we got to ask her a few sneaky questions about her books, before she quite happily posed for pictures with us and signed our books.

Its nice that she is so down to earth and loyal to all her fans, and for that reason she is a author I will never ever forget, she always tweets back on twitter too.

If you have never read any books by her I'd recommend buying her back catalogue, her books are perfect to take with you on holiday, "Chasing Daisy" was the book that got me through my holiday in the Maldives when my fiance got a tummy bug and I had to stay in with him for a day or two so I always associate that book with holiday.

I would give you a little bit of advice, read her books in the right order - the characters all relate to each other in some way in her books - she has two which are follow ups for each other "Johnny Be Good" & "Baby Be Mine" and "One Perfect Holiday" & "One Perfect Christmas" - "One Perfect Christmas" was a special kindle/ipad edition only available to download.

Her newest book - The Longest Holiday - A recommended holiday read.

Are you a fan of Paige Toon?

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Gelly Hi Shine Barry M - Key Lime - Summer Collection ♥

I haven't done a nail polish post in a while but I was really excited when Barry M released this new collection this month, they are all shades I actually want to get my hands on.

The new range features this particular one I've blogged about today,

Key Lime

Some of you may not think green is a colour to put on your nails, but this shade happens to be a gorgeous light lime green colour that will definitely get you in the summer mood.

I don't know why but this colour also really reminds me of the lemon and lime flavored starburst sweeties.

This is definitely a shade you should pick up at the airport before you jet off somewhere sunny.

Buy them here for only £3.99

What do you think of this colour??

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

June ♥ 2013 ♥

So there feels like there has been a lack of lifestyle posts on my blog lately for someone who started out this little corner of my world to write about everything and anything.

I'm going to write and keep up with these posts so you know who the person behind this blog is a little bit better, those who follow me on Instagram xxmrschaddertontobexx, may see a little of what goes on in my life there, and just so you know why sometimes I'm a little quiet.
After all my blog is a little of everything.

The sunny weather was amazing the week before last week, I achieved a pretty good tan when I got the chance to sit out in the sun, the Saturday before last was particularly gorgeous, me and my fiancé visited manchester by hopping on the train, we live about 10 minutes away which is pretty handy since we live 5 minutes away from a train station.

On our way in, rekorderlig had set up a little cabin bar selling rekorderlig bottles and cocktails, me and Daz decided to sit down for a bit and have cocktail, I picked the apple mojito, and Daz picked out a strawberry cocktail, at £6 they were a lil pricey but worth it, if you see one like this, it's worth a stop by,

I also took some time out in the sunshine to read this book I bought a few weeks back " A Street Cat Named Bob" You will absolutely love this book if you love cats and its made me see how the homeless live in a different light, I think it's so nice how close we can come with our pets, I would definitely recommend this book for a read.

I have been able to take some time out with my pup sasha sashatoo, she's a short haired border collie and she's as crazy as anything, we took a walk on this day to her favourite field and she loved it, I swear I wish I could be as happy as she is every day.

I happen to have pub near me that happens to sell the most amazing desserts, it started out with just going for a few drinks with the girls, at 9 o'clock, we all decided enough was enough and we ordered dessert, I picked the mars bar cake, the one in the middle and boy was it amazing,

This month also happened to be the month that my wedding dress came in the shop,I had waited 7 months for it,
I went along for a fitting with my bits and pieces, it was so exciting, the dress was a size 8 which I was really happy about as I thought I was getting a 10 and it fitted like a glove, I was a bit annoyed as my hair was having a bad hair day because of the wind and rain so it wouldn't stay up the way I wanted it on the big day.
I'm popping back in August to try it on and get it altered if I need to before I can finally bring it home, YAY,

I went to a gig never last month at the Ruby Lounge in Manchester to see this guy, "Andrew McMahon" for those who were a fan of one tree hill, Andrew was the lead singer in "Jacks Mannequin" from season 4, who played at TRIC, Andrew came over to the UK to sing some of his solo material and we even got treated to a few Jacks Mannequin songs.

After the show he stopped for autographs and photos, he was an absolutely lovely guy.

Well there you go, that is a snippet as to what's been going on in my life the past month or so.
If you do want to see more lifestyle posts, let me know.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Get Ready For Summer With The Bodyshop "Tutti Frutti" Collection ♥

Its Friday again so its time to get that "Friday Feeling" I'm definitely going to kick back after this busy week I have had, its a shame about the weather we have had this week though compared to last week, all this rain and humid weather is making my hair frizz,

Today I wanted to show you some new fruity releases from the Bodyshop,
I have been using all three and I can't get enough of them.

 First up is my favourite - this gorgeous smelling "Strawberry" fruit scented spray, I have been popping this in my handbag for a spritz on the go, its quite a refreshing fruity smell and definetely last for a few hours and smells lovely if you spray it in your hair.
I have used it a lot and a small bit goes a really long way, it contains strawberry extract and is really light and not to overpowering like some fruity scents can be.
Sweet smells are my favourite so this is a summer favourite if you love sweet smelling perfume.
It only retails for £8.50 and you can buy it here,

 Next up in the Blusher in "Guava" I have been sticking to my bronzer for a few months but I just love the pink glow of this blusher, its not to dark or two light and is quite a wearable summer shade, it goes perfectly with pastel summer shades and gives a hint of a healthy glow, a little bit also goes a long way, I hardly needed any on my brush and it blended so easily, you can work more colour if you want to wear it at night time.
I love the little sized pot to, you can buy this here for £8.00,

Lastly is this Born Lippy "Lychee" Shimmer Balm, this smell of this actually makes my mouth water, its perfect for everyday wear if you prefer your lip balms over lippy, and it has a hint of shimmer making it the summer "must have" lip balm, the shimmer is quite subtle to.
It glides on really easily and you only need one layer, don't use to much as it can look like you've used to much, i sometimes love smothering my lips in balm.
The packaging is really girlie and pink to which I love,
Not only does it smell amazing it does make your lips really soft - I will be making the most out of this this summer - this beauty is only £3.00 and you can buy it here,

There are a few other products which would be perfect for summer, these include "Colour Crush" eyeshadow range in a variety of colours,

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

7 Years ♥

On the 2nd June, it was mine and my fiances darren's 7 year anniversary,
We have come along way since we first met when we were 17, now we are nearly 25,
and in almost 3 months we will be Mr & Mrs,
I can't put it in words how much I am looking forward to "our day"

It was a lovely day when we did go out on the 2nd June, the sun was out all day,
We went to our favorite burger place in the whole wide world "Almost Famous"

We even managed to pick up some cokes with our names on - surely that had to be a little bit of fate right (either that or we got lucky) - since I hadn't been able to even find my name and these two just happened to be on a shelf near each other.

Before we had our meal we had a little stroll where we used to meet every Saturday because I was at college during the week, it seems like such a lifetime ago how years just pass us by.

We then went and ended the night at the cinema where we had our first date and watched The Hangover 3,
Perfect Day 

Here's to more years and memories to come with my boy - it will be exciting to see what I will be writing this time next year.


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