Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Money Saving Wedding Guide ♥

I thought I'd share a post today with any "Bride To Be's" like myself from Money Supermarket - you can find the original link for this image below here,

The price for weddings can be pricey but its only you who can make your wedding as affordable as possible.
One of the ways in which I'll be saving money is by doing my own make up on the big day.

Hopefully this handy little post will help any Bride To Be's like yourself or for anyone who is wanting to get married - I doesn't always have to cost a lot.

Image source: MoneySupermarket

I was not paid to write this post, 

Monday, 27 May 2013

The Sheffield Bloggers Meet ♥ Photo Heavy ♥

This is a belated post as the Sheffield bloggers meet was not the Saturday that's just gone but the one before,
Caroline and me organised it, more credit goes to these two girls tough since they pulled out
most of the stops and the arranged amazing goody bags we got.
I helped by designing the bloggers gift tags which I know you all loved, and I also turned up early to meet Rachel and help both Rachel & Caroline to set up.

I also want to credit Georgina for her amazing photography and for providing the following photo's

As soon as we got to Hamburger Co we set up before the other bloggers arrived and filled all the goodie bags, the staff at hamburger co offered us refreshments straight away and were so helpful,
I wasn't aware of what was going in the goody bags but when I checked later, there was so many goodies that I can't wait to use.

It was a really successful event and the lovely people at Hamburger Co let us have half of the restaurant as well as a free meal, which I thought was so generous of a company, the food was amazing, they did so many different burgers and there was enough on the menu to cater for everyone's taste.
I will definitely be going to the one in Manchester when it opens as that's the nearest one to me.

It was nice to put a few faces to the blogs I follow, and I enjoyed meeting lots of new people, I wish I had talked to a few more of you girls though - I do regret that - maybe at the next meet up if we arrange another one :)

- The girls who came - 

Halfway through the meet up we had a few prizes to gives out that had been kindly donated by a few companies.

I couldn't believe my ears when Rachel read my name out, I'd only gone an won the Paul Mitchell hair products hamper - I also won a lush bar too but thought since I won one prize I thought it would be nice to give someone else the opportunity,

We all had a good chat and had plenty of time for photo's and a good catch up and chat with the other bloggers,

After our meal at Hamburger Co, we had a demonstration & talk at LUSH,
We were the first group, Rachel, Gina, Stacey, Kery's, & Claire were in our group with me,
I really enjoyed the talk as I don't tend to go in LUSH a lot, let alone feel confident enough to speak to the ladies who work in there who were so helpful.
I do feel now that if I went into the shop I could actually ask for advice on their products.

When we first got there we were given some "LUSH FUN" you can use FUN in the bath or to wash your hair or body, as well as being able to mould it in shapes which was particularly fun, we made little animals out of ours and I was pleased to see some in our goodie bags we got from there.

We were then shown to Lush's Emotional Brilliance make up range, a few girls had a go of the colour wheel they have where you have to close your eyes then when you open them, pick the first three colours your attracted to and match them up with the colours they had in there range "I thought that was a great idea and a good way to interact with the customers" they had some gorgeous colours in there range in the form of lip colours, eye-shadows and eyeliners.

We were then showed to the "emotional brilliance " skin care range which featured colour supplements, skin tints, powder and the mascara range,
I found this stand particularly interesting as I've been wanting to try more natural products, I was so happy when I found I had a colour supplement and a emotional brilliance powder in my LUSH goodie bags - review upcoming - its been amazing for my skin.

We were also shown the raw ingredients that go into there products which was really interesting to see,

I wanted to say a big thank you to the girls at the Sheffield LUSH store for all there help and the activities they arranged, they were absolutely lovely and I learnt quite a bit more about the brand than I did know.

After our talk at Lush, a few of us girls headed  up to Primark for a shop but it was really busy and I think we were a little tired out from our day already, I did manage to pick up a cute blue aztec print dress and some pink sandals to add to my holiday wardrobe.

We got the train back at about 7ish and had a good chat on the way back,
When I got back I had a good look at all the goodies I had in my bag, I have so many thing I am looking forward to trying.

I also opened my Paul Mitchell prize and was really surprised what was in there, there were lots of gorgeous hair care products I know I will use all of, I almost bought the Tea Tree shampoo & Conditioner range earlier that week from my salon too.

So thank you very much Paul Mitchell for giving away that lovely prize,

I also want to say thank you to Bastiste, Benefit, BlanX, DCH, Elemis, Hamburger Co, Jamelia Skincare, LUSH Meadowhall & Sheffield, Regenovex, Tea Pigs, The Body Shop and Witch Skincare for providing all the goodies in the goodie bags and spoiling us.

I can't wait for the next event, I had such an amazing day and loved meeting new people and adding new blogs to my reading list.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Almost 4 Months To Go - My Journey Of A Bride To Be #4

Since I wrote my last post, these past almost 2 months have been more productive for a change.
I started my new job today, it was a little scary but I settled in within a few hours and I feel really positive, it was also the Sheffield bloggers meet up yesterday - post will be up this week about that.
I can't believe my wedding is almost 4 months away - I seriously have no idea where time has been going,

I have ordered my bridesmaid dresses in a gorgeous coral colour for my two bridesmaids,
I just need to take them shopping for shoes and other bits and bobs when the dresses are finally ready.

And I have almost got all my bits and pieces to go with my wedding dress,

I finally found a gorgeous diamante sash to wear around the middle of my dress,
I was finding ridiculous priced one's for almost £500 online and I was giving up hope until I came across a seller through a wedding find it buy it group on facebook, a lovely lady offered to make one which was still over budget so when I showed her a photo of what I was after, she immediately emailed me to say she could get hold of the one exactly like the one I showed her which she could get from another seller.
It came in the post on Monday and it is stunning, I can not wait to get it sewn into my dress, it's so sparkly.

Here it is: 

Her facebook page is: Heavenly Headbands - I'd 100% recommend her for jewelled bits and bobs for your wedding.

My tip - look about first  before buying and join facebook facebook wedding forums, they have been my saviour.

I also have had my artificial bouquets made to take with me on the big day, my theme is butterflies so I asked for lots to be put in in my bouquet, and daz has a matching rose and silver butterfly buttonhole - he's going to look so handsome,
This is my bridal bouquet, I've also had some similar made for my bridesmaids bouquets too.

 Me and my hens have also made a decision about where we are going for our hen do, we are having a girl's night out at a club in Leeds with a free cocktail on entry, and a buffet all as well as plenty of entertainment if for the whole night, if you get what I mean ;p,

My wedding dress should also be ready next month which will be a little nerve racking as its all mine and been made for me especially for me, plus I think when I try it on its going to feel more real.
 I have been on a health kick recently so I've been doing zumba and pilates once a week week at a local club, plus a few work outs during the week to get into shape and be all toned for my big day, pilates is an amazing way tone up your abs, most of the exercises involve your core abdominal muscles.

I still need to buy my veil and shoes and then I'm sorted, hopefully.
My fiance's mum treated me to a gorgeous jewel and pearl headband from accessorize few weeks ago which was absolutely lovely of her and I managed to get my bridal jewellery from New Look - not everything has to be expensive or designer.

I even got my bridal underwear from H&M - I almost  ended up buying "bridal underwear" but found a gorgeous white set for fraction of the price which I would wear in the future, you don't have to find pretty white sets in the bridal ranges of some lingerie shops although you should be able to treat yourself.

Hopefully when I write my next post I would of just been to my first dress fitting and have more plans underway.

I don't have a clue what I will do with myself once this wedding is over.

I hope you enjoy reading my wedding related posts,


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Healthy Skin, Hair And Nails ♥

I wanted to write about something a little different today and write a post about some supplements I have been taking for the past two months which have been amazing.

This isn't sponsored either - I just though some of you girls might be in the same situation as me,

I'm not one of these people who gets 5 portions of fruit and veg a day, so I seriously miss out an all the goodies they are packed with - I have recently been eating more though to feel a little healthier.

I've been suffering with cracked nails for a few months now and to be honest it was getting so annoying having to trim my broken nails and reapply polish to chipped nails after a day.

 I was in my local shopping centre when I visited Holland and Barrett, not a shop I really go in but I thought maybe it was worth a try, the lady who worked there offered me some advice on what I should do, she thought I was lacking calcium - which sounded about right - I love milk but I really don't drink enough.

She advised these tablets which are for your face, skin and hair, I payed £9.99 for 60 caplets and thought they were worth a try after she said they were quite popular amongst the customers - you can view them here online,

Its says to take them three times a day before meals, I took about two a day because I'm so forgetful, but even that has done the trick for me, originally I bought them to fix my cracked nails but not only has it fixed that, my hairs also grown - a little to fast (not a bad thing, maybe if you want your hair to grow quicker I'd give these a go ) but my face has also been the clearest it has been in months, I've hardly had any spots what so ever.

They contain a huge cocktail of healthy vitamins:

So my conclusion to that is vitamins and minerals do actually do your body some good.

My nail condition at the minute - looking healthier,

If your like me and you don't get the correct daily intake and you want something that helps your nails, hair or skin I would really recommend these - £9.99 seems a little steep to pay for tablets but they are worth it.
and I'll certainly be purchasing more.

Have you ever purchased these from Holland and Barrett or any other supplements before? 

Sunday, 5 May 2013

New Job, New Start..... A Mini Primark Haul & Sheffield Bloggers Meet Up ♥

You may have noticed I've been quieter on my blog these days, don't worry I'm still here, I've just been getting a few things in my own life sorted...

I've recently been made redundant in my job at Jane Norman, so as soon as that happened I updated my CV and went hunting for a new part time job...having a wedding to still pay for too influenced this too,

Within one week I had a job and 5 interviews so I was quite happy about that, I went to three and had to cancel the other two as within 6 days I got the job at USC which I was rather pleased about, I think I'd been needing a new change and start for a while and to be honest it couldn't of come at a better time and I'm looking forward to something new.....

Its the Sheffield bloggers meet on the 18th May at Meadow hall and I'm really looking forward to seeing and meeting brand new faces and I'm designing the gift tags for the goody bags and going down a little bit earlier to help Rachel Crawford and Caroline, so if your going I'm looking forward to meeting you :)

I have also been buying a few new things since the suns made an appearance at long last - I actually got sun burn last Thursday....

I nipped into my local Primark which is in Selfridges can you believe, I bought some new skinny jeans because I could just live in there's and they had some lovely new clothes, I purchased this gorgeous striped maxi dress that was only £10.00 the back of it is so pretty, and I think I will already be wearing this at the airport when I go Cyprus in less that 5 months - nearly 4....

How pretty is the back of this maxi dress...

A few weeks ago I also picked up this gorgeous chiffon shirt which was only £8.00 it was too pretty to not pick up.

I think it will look lovely over jeans and under a white bandeau top this summer....

I also bought this gorgeous pearl clutch for my wedding day, I saw it in BHS but the pearls had began to unravel on one tiny bit so it was reduced by £7.00, it was sold out and unavailable to buy online so i purchased it and fixed it up myself with some pearls I already owned off an old necklace, who says you can't make something new again, I know brides don't tend to carry a bag round with them but I figured I'd need something to put my make up in for touch ups during the day - but more of that in a separate post.

I also had the BEST surprise on Friday, my two lovelies Rachel and Gina have treated me to an early birthday pressie to go and see Bruno Mars on the 22nd November this year, I'll be going with Rachel and I absolutely can not wait for that, I really wanted tickets for Manchester but they sold out straight away so I'm really excited I get to see him live...... I have the BEST friends...

I'll be trying my best to blog as often as I can but if it looks like I'm not her that often I am still reading your lovely comments,

Lots Of Love

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