Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Perfect Nudes - Rimmel's Kate Moss Collection Matte Lipstick

Hi again lovelies, today I wanted to share with you a new lipstick I've finally bought while on a quest to buy some new Garnier BB cream, is it me but when you go in to buy something, you always end up coming out with something else too, I just can't handle my spending sometimes.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Essential Eyeliners - Miners - Creating Key Looks ♥

Its officially Friday, yay, I'm always so much happier at the weekend, 
I think its because I know I can get at least one lie in and not feel bad about it.

Today I wanted to sow you these eyeliner/colour pencils I recently got from Miners,

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Soap & Glory Peaches And Clean ♥

I do reading people's empties posts but I rarely use all of every product I buy, so therefore I wanted to introduce my favourite product that I've been using this month and why I love it so much,

I'm hoping to continue with this post monthly and hopefully encourage you to buy my purse friendly favourites.

                         This month I have been using this Soap & Glory 4 in 1 wash off deep cleansing milk,
     I'm sure most of you were aware of the amazing offer in boots just before Christmas where the £60.00 Soap and Glory gift set was better than half price at £27.00, of course I snapped up this offer because it was to hard to pass up and I missed the year before's offer.
So this gift set contained this cleansing milk and I've been using if for over a month.

I absolutely love the sweet smelling smell it smells of and for some reason it reminds me of  the cocktail mojito even though its peach scented.
This is the first time I have ever tried cleansing milk and I was pretty impressed by it.
I normally use face washes with scrubs in to remove stubborn eye make up but this does the job perfectly by rubbing that little bit more on my eye area.
Its super gentle on your skin and feels incredibly soft when rubbing it into your skin.
 I love the pump action to, it makes cleaning my face that little bit easier to clean because I can be a little lazy.

I scrub on the areas that tend to get oily and then wash it off with warm water, 
It leaves my skin feels clean, fresh and moisturised and really clean - compared to some face washes where I have to use them again to remove all my make up.
Its not conman that I love a product that much that I want to go out and buy it again, but I will be buying another bottle of this when its all gone.
It really is the most gorgeous smelling face wash I have ever used.

It retails at RRP £7.00 and is available to buy from Boots.

Does anyone else love cleansing milk this as much as me?

Monday, 21 January 2013

Warning - Don't Be Fooled By Extension Deal ♥

You will notice that I have taken down my previous giveaway, after reading that hair extension deal were asking bloggers to hold give away's, upping there numbers on Facebook and being warned personally by other bloggers, I did some investigating and found out that's its just been me but a few others who are being scammed.

I decided to take down this giveaway and any links to there page as I don't want to mislead people into liking my page to enter a competition to be let down, I should of know something wasn't right when I was told that 4 winners would only win if this competition got 800 entries - I argued this out via email and said that was misleading and unfair and the lady Cymee who contacted me said she would give one item away if this competition didn't reach 800 entries.

When a company contacts me to hold a giveaway I am more than happy to hold a giveaway if asked but I will not be scammed and let my followers get the same thing done to them.

It's quite scary that companies are doing this and I feel like an idiot for falling  for it, so I just want to apologise if you have entered this competition today, I didn't know that any of this was going on.

Which is why I've written this pos to warn other bloggers, if you get an email from hair extension deal, and a lady called Cymee, ignore it, and don't fall for it.

I'm all for helping a brand but I do not get scammed, I almost fell for it, if you can unfollow on twitter, they don't deserve anything from anyone.

You can read bloggers posts who have had the same thing happen to them.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

SS2013 Fashion - My Favorite Key Pieces ♥

As soon as Christmas has been over I've already been thinking about Spring, and Jane Norman where I work part time has already started to get key pieces in, so I'm already getting excited about the upcoming months, when hopefully this cold weather goes.

I purchased a baby blue light knit yesterday which will be in an upcoming OOTD post which I love, pastel colours will be back again by the looks of it along with some pretty bright neon pieces, colour blocking, Aztec print, stripes and tapestry prints.

Here's a preview of some gorgeous key items from my favourite shops that I have created that I can hopefully get my hands on - some are in stores now and the upcoming months Feb & March

Up first is my favorite and probably everyone else's shop Primark - They have some beautiful affordable pieces and I particularly love getting my dresses from here because they fit me perfectly,

| 1 - Striped Midi Dress - £7.00 | 2 - Pink Stud Satchel - £9.00 | China Print Dress - £20.00 | 4 - Crochet Fringe Top - £14 | 5 - Black Studded Tote - £12.00 | 6 - Floral Tapestry Skirt - £14.00 | 7 - Khaki Stud Collar Shirt - £10.00 |

Primark China Print Dress - £20.00

George @ Asda - Not a lot of people know this store does sell some fabulous pieces of clothing, 
I have occasionally bought items from here and the quality is great.
| 1 - Neon Stud Jumper - £14.00 | 2 - Lace Peplum Top - £12.00 | 3 - Flamingo Jumper - £14.00 |

River Island - My favorites out of these have to be the shorts, I did used to be a skirt kind of girl but short definitely flatter my legs more these days, the black pair would be perfect over tights or without for the upcoming S/S, 

| 1 - Blue Top - No Price Yet  | 2 - Embroided Denim Shorts - £30.00 | 3 - Aztec Denim Shorts £30.00 | 4- Urban Bag - £37.00 | 5- Stripe Bikini £25.00 | 6- Pastel Feather Earrings - No price | 

Missguided Fashion - My top favorite of all these is the ombre cardigan, I love ombre and this would be perfect to pop over the top of a pair of shorts and a pretty top.

 |1- Lilac Dip Dye Cardigan - £17.99 | 2 - Billie Bandeau Mini Cream Peplum Dress - £17.99 | Neon Pink Pleated Mini Skirt - £15.99 |

Which pieces are your favourites?
Are you looking forward to S/S fashion?

All Images have been taken from and this post hasn't been endorsed - I simply wanted to share my favourite key pieces with you.

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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Winner Of The "Oh My Love Leggings" ♥

I am so sorry this has taken much longer to announce, if you read my hair extension post you will know I have been extremely busy and I have all sorts going on at the minute.

Anyway onto the winner of the giveaway,

The winner is - #94 Emily - I have sent you an email,

Keep your eyes out for my future giveaways.

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Sunday, 13 January 2013

My Experience With Hair Extensions & Hair Trade Hair Extensions ♥

Hi beauts,
I've been a bit absent from my blog this past week or so, my start to the year has felt like a it of a roller coaster, I have been so busy and I feel the next few months will be a bit the same since I have my wedding coming up in almost 8 months.

Talking of weddings today I wanted to show you a post on some hair extensions I received from Hairtrade just before Christmas last year,
I love having long locks and these will definitely be coming with me for my big day in September for adding extra volume and length to my hair.

Hair Trade Extensions in Dark Brown

I've used extensions for the past 6 years on and off, when I had my hair cut really short after a bleaching incident, hair extensions were a 100% must have beauty item in my life and I loved them and still do.
My hairs at a length now where I feel quite comfortable on a daily basis but on nights out of special occasions I like to look a bit more glamorous, like we all do and this is where these extensions are fab.
I chose the 22" length because I absolutely love long hair and I'd grow it this long if I never had to have it cut.

My hairs quite thick anyway but extensions always give me that extra opphhh and of course add length.

I received these 100% human hairHair Trade - in 22" - They are also available in 14" 18" I chose the darkest brown shade, but they do a huge variety of different shades, even dip dye.

They came beautifully packaged and tangle free inside this plastic packaging.

The one good thing about clip in extensions is that you don't have to spend hours sewing clips on, I used to hate this part and I'd rather now pay the extra.
You can buy wefts without clips, these are a cheaper alternative for some, but the choice is yours.

I received 10 different pieces of hair, 4 to add to the nape of my hair, the middle and the top and single strands to blend in my layers round the front.

I loved how soft and tangle free they were once they were in my hair.
and they were the perfect shade of brown for my hair colour.

They are 100% natural looking at half the time people won't be able to tell the difference - when I wore extensions for years no one ever knew the difference :)

I took a picture of them in my hair so you can see how well blended in and how natural they look  - my natural hairs a little bit past my shoulders.

You can view HERE to see there full range of extensions.
They do dip dyed - perfect if you don't want to reach for the bleach yet.
Curly Extensions, if your natural hair is wavy,
Single wefts to add thickness and human hair weft weaves where you can cut them to the size you wish to either glue in, weave in or to add clips too, there are so many options to suit everyone's taste.

A little bit above I did mention that I have used extensions for 6 years or more,
I used to use the glue in variety but these didn't work well with my hair as I needed to wash it too often,
It was after then I started using the clip in variety.

I have been all sorts of different shades and because human hair extension are real hair you can dye them, I used to get my hair dresser to do this for me, but you can do it yourself.

They always last quite a long time for me too, I could easily make a set last me about 3 - 4 months or more even when I straightened them daily.
Its worth investing in a good hair extension conditioner if you ever want to give them a wash as they can sometimes loose there softness.

Have you ever tried clip in extensions before bloggers?

Friday, 4 January 2013

Ways To Make Extra Pennies - ♥

This is a different post for my readers today but it is also a money making option if you've ever wanted to make a few extra pennies.

For as long as I can remember I have always loved jewelry, and I have a very special place for all my important and favorite pieces, which is in my Jewry box below

My mum passed away a few years ago and she left behind a bit of jewelry which was left to me.

I kept all of her rings and a few personal items she used to wear a lot because they were just beautiful and I thought I could hand them down to my own children and there children ect.
I like to be sentimental like that, 
So I was left with these left over pieces of gorgeous jewelry I wasn't going to ever wear and I didn't know what to do with it all.

I'd heard about companies where you can cash in your jewelry for money, and companies such as Cash For Gold do this, making it really easy to send your jewelry off and receive payment for how much it is worth.

I was a bit worried about sending my jewery at first because I didn't want it to get lost in the post, but they did send a insured envelope by royal mail to guarantee it go there safe, I took it to my local post office and it got there surprisingly quick, and I actually got a call the day after I sent it, I was amazed how quickly they got it, 

I got a cheque in the post a few days later and popped the money towards the holiday me and my fiance had booked for that year, I didn't feel guilty as there's no use having jewelry lying about that will never be worn and I'm sure my mum wanted me to have done the right thing with it, which I did and I had a lovely holiday that year an it helped out a lot as we did struggle that year after a few mishaps and that extra money did make a difference.

I know some people do dismiss these companies a lot but through my experience I would actually go to them again if I ever needed to.
Always make sure the company you go is a reputable one though and do read up on them first before you do go sending your jewelry off.

Some websites do have the option of giving you a rough estimate of how much you item of jewelry is worth, by asking how much it weighs and the carat ect so you can make up your mind before sending it off and know your getting an honest price.

They are a great money making option if your ever short for cash and I would 100% recommend them.

Has anyone else ever traded there gold in for cash before?

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

OOTD - The Clock Strikes Midnight ♥

Happy 2013 - I hope you all bought the new year in style - I went and had a couple of drink and a fancy meal with the fiance and then we came home and lay on the settee absolutely full to our bellies and watched New Years Live on the telly, and celebrated the new year together.

We are now officially getting married this year - eeek,

annnnnnd this is my first post of 2013,

I got this dress a few weeks ago from Chi Chi - A gorgeous online shop who sell some absolutely stunning dresses for all occasions.

I picked this gorgeous champagne Artura chiffon dress to wear for New Years Eve - nothing says New Year like a gold dress - You can buy it here - its currently in the sales.

Its quite fitted on top with a concealed zip and has a gorgeous jewel waist band, and a go ruffled hemmed skirt which I loved - Its so swishy.

 Its a quite versatile dress and I know I will get quite a bit of wear out of this pretty dress, I will definitely be taking this one to Cyprus with me this year.

 I only went out for an Indian at a newly refurnished restaurant near us with a few pre drinks before - we chose to have a quiet and more affordable New Years this year.

I wore this dress with my cream high heels from SoYouShoes & my gold clutch bag from Warehouse.

To view Chi Chi's full range of dresses - click here

Did you all have a lovely New Years?

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