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Truly Polished Christmas Tag ♥

The lovely Fay from Truly Polished has tagged me in her very own Christmas post so I thought I would join in and pop a festive post up on my blog.

1. Sign that Christmas is coming?
A sign Christmas is coming for me happens to be when all of the Christmas adverts on television start,
This year my absolute favorite advert was the Bear & The Hare from the John Lewis advert, it was such a clever and lovely story and it really tugged at my heart strings the first time I watched it, not only is the song beautiful but I always look forward to the John Lewis adverts every year.

2. Favourite Christmas song?
Without a doubt - I wish it could be Christmas every day by "Wizzard" its such a classic Christmas song and i'm instantly taken back to my childhood every time I hear it.

3. Favourite Christmas movie?
I am a cheat as I can't pick just one, Home Alone 1 & 2 are my favorites along with the film The Grinch & Elf, not only are they all funny, but they are the sorts of films that I could watch all Christmas long, I make it a tradition to watch at least one of these films every single Christmas.

4. Opening presents... Morning or afternoon?
Definitely morning, me and my husband are the biggest kids and as soon as we wake up we go and sit under our tree in our pyjamas and take it in turns to open our presents,
We have been extremely organized and we all have our presents ready and wrapped under our tree ready to open on Christmas Day.

5. Smoky eyes and sequins for Christmas dinner or tacky jumpers all the way?
Tacky Jumpers, I always do make a bit of effort with my make up but my day is normally spent in front of the television recovering from eating to much Christmas dinner.
I have a Christmas jumper for this year which I bought from Nottingham it was one of them "Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal" one's but I have had to send it back for an exchange because Christmas was spelt wrong, it was spelt Christamas, how I didn't notice it when i bought it from the shop I don't know, and how someone spelt it wrong I will never know.

6. Christmas eve plans?
This year will be spent going out with a few friends and my uncle who's a few years older than me, he's practically my brother, we will be going to a local pub for some food and a few Christmas drinks, but not to many.

7. Favourite Christmas food and drink?
Turkey dinner with all the trimmings every time, mince pies and snowballs and bucks fizz all make my Christmas day the more worthwhile.

8. Favourite Christmas memory?
I think the memories in particular I treasure happen to be all the Christmasas I spent with my mum before she passed away nearly 4 years ago, now I always make sure I spend it with those who I love the most.

9. Who are you spending Christmas with this year?
This year will be my first Christmas with my "Husband" so we will be visiting his parents and my in laws in the morning and then we will be going to my grandma's and grandads in the afternoon for Christmas dinner and to relax and watch all the Christmas television.
I like to keep every year traditional, when me and daz finally have our first house together we will finally host Christmas day at our place.

10. Top of your wish list this year?
The same this which is on my wish list is the same but I won't get it till we have our own place, I really want a Pug, our landlord won't let us have a dog, plus we have quite a small place anyway and I think its just big enough for me, Daz and our kitty cat Jimjam.

11. What's on your plate?
All the traditional Christmas foods, including the one's which are probably bad for you.

12. Must have nail polish for Christmas day?
My favourite nail polish this year has been ORLY in "Star Spangled" I got it free in Cosmopolitan in last months edition and it is a gorgeous glittery red shade, it is such a festive shade, I think I also want to try and have a go at nail art this year and do the "Candy Cane" pattern on my own nails, its so pretty.

13. Favourite Christmassy scent?
My favourite Christmas smells are normally from my Yankee Candles, my favourite Yankee candle this year has been "Christmas Memories" & "Merry Marshmallow" which smell incredible.

14. What is at the top of your tree?
A nice shiny silver star, I know some people love the traditional fairy but for me it is normally something sparkly.

15. Boxing Day?
This year we will be having my in laws and Daz's parents and brother over for the day, they live in Oldham so it will be nice for them to come down to where we live for the day, I used to love boxing day as a child, it was always the day I got to spend playing with all my new presents..

16. Best thing about Christmas?
The best thing about Christmas for me is everything that comes with it, I love it when it snows too but that is normally quite rare in good old Manchester, I love the Christmas films and most of all the times spent with family and giving presents, I love giving presents more than receiving them, the looks of peoples faces is priceless.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and what my plans for this Christmas are,
Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year.


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