Monday, 9 December 2013

Styling Your Hair With Uevo & Creating Up Do's ♥

Like some of you girls, I love wearing my hair up, I have really long hair which can be a nightmare to style so sometimes an up do is always a nice change from my typical hair down style I go with quite often.

 The only downside to up do style's is the little flyaways I get on the front and back sections of my hair that also sometimes frizz because of the weather.
I sometimes use hairspray but I hate that rock hard effect it leaves you with sometimes and its a nightmare trying to brush it out all the time.

A few months ago was given the opportunity to try this styling product out and I've been trailing it for a month or so, and I've actually really enjoyed using it.

The quirky design of this styling wax is unlike anything I have ever seen before and I absolutely love it.

Uevo is available in 10 different colours and offers different holds and styles to suit your hair.
I was given some professional advice about my hair beforehand and was told which product would be suitable for my hair, which I thought was really helpful and it certainly helps to have a second opinion.

My hair does get quite greasy if I put to many products in so I was told the orange cube would be best for my hair type, it is the lightest of the collection and it looked like more of a cream that a wax for me, 
It is perfect for running through finished styles to prevent frizz and set a style while adding a healthy looking shine.

It is a luxurious product too so I think its one of them products you could easily incoperate in your every day styling routine as you don't need to use that much.
The most popular styles I achieved using this product the classic sleek bun.
I used a small amount of this product and ran it over my style to prevent any fly alway hairs sticking up so it didn't look to messy.

The product isn't sticky either, I know when using wax products some you have to wash your hands straight afterwards, but with this it didn't really matter and it smells lush.

The second style I used it for was for my husbands work's do last night at event city, it was quite a fancy event so I went with a classic curled side pony with some back combing and a side sweeping fringe I saw in November 2013's issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine,

I curled all my hair with thick curling tongs from the mid section to the bottom and ran some of this product through my curls to hold them before back combing the top section and pulling it to the side I then used this product on my fringe to keep it looking sleek, before wrapping the ends of my fringe around my ponytail and securing it with kirby grips.

You can see from the photo my fringe has a healthy shine to it from the product, the up do stayed in place all night long, despite the heat and the fairground rides we went on.

Uevo can be bought online here from the Hype Park Hair Shop as they are the only UK suppliers of this product.

I've have never honestly been a huge fan of using anything to on my hair after styling because I always assume it just makes your hair greasy but I think I have officially changed my mind now after trailing this product and I think I'm going to use this more often when styling my hair ever day.

Have you ever used these cubes by Uevo before?


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