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You could say this year has been a mixture of disappointment and but definitely more excitement, and without a doubt its been a bit of a whirlwind with me feeling all sorts of emotions but I survived the year and I will be ending it on a high spending it with some of the people who have made it more worthwhile than ever and I absolutely can not wait to welcome 2014 with open arms.

  Getting Married.

I had been with Daz over 7 years when we met a teenagers at 17 and despite up and downs and all the things that come with building a relationship, we decided to make that commitment of spending our lives together forever, we got married on the 24th September in front of close family and friends in Cyprus and it was truly one of the most happiest days off my life, I could not stop smiling the whole day.
You can read all about my wedding day - link -
I can't wait to celebrate our first wedding anniversary in 2014

Our Holiday To Cyprus

Of course we got married here but we also spent 2 weeks here with family and friends making unforgettable memories, it was one of the best holidays I have had and I can't wait to go back, we stayed at Nissi Beach you can read my all about my holiday - link - Many days were spent by this pool and beach and we did a few trips including a boat trip along the coast and a red bus tour where I learnt a few things.
Cyprus will always hold a special place in my heart and I really wish we could go back next year if we weren't saving for our own house - but you never know.

My Hen Party

I loved this night so much and we literally partied for 8 hours when we went out we were having that much fun, you only get married once - well I hope so.
All the girls had such a good night and it meant so much to me that I got to spend it with the people who meant most to me,
They all put the effort in and made all the stops to make sure I had an a amazing time.
You can read more about that night - link -

Nights With My Girls

I feel lucky to finally have a bunch of lovely girls in my life, I had to make a few decisions this year when it came to a few friendships and I'm glad I did the right thing as its made more room for other friendships to grow and I couldn't know a nicer bunch of girls.
We have done lots of fun days/nights out this year - here's to plenty more in 2014 - I love you girls.

Summer 2013

I really enjoyed Summer this year and got to enjoy plenty of the sunshine we had and had many days out, although I didn't get to enjoy it much at weekends because I was working at Jane Norman every Saturday.
We did get to celebrate mine and Daz's 7 year anniversary - we found matching coke bottles that day and thought it would be fitting to put them together to mark our 7 years on the spot we used to meet at every weekend.
I spent my 25th Birthday at the beach in Formby with a few friends and my fiance, even though the sun hardly kept his head out the clouds for long it was still a fun day.
I also discovered the best burger place in Manchester called Almost Famous.
I  definitely can't wait for Summer 2014

Concerts/Meeting Inspirational People

This was the year I got me meet Andrew McMahon when he did his solo tour at The Ruby Lounge, I was a huge fan of his band Jacks Mannequin since seeing them first play in One Tree Hill and went on to see them twice in Manchester, hes a pretty inspirational man and he is so nice.
I also got me meet my favorite Author - bottom right pic - when she did a book signing in Manchester at Waterstones when me and Rachel Crawford went, her books are impossible to put down and she makes me want to write, I can't wait to read her new releases in 2014.
2013 was also the year where I got to see Bruno Mars live In November and also Jimmy Eat World in September and I relived my teenage years at Blink 182.
2014 will see plenty of new concerts including Lee Evans and Mcbusted, Maroon 5, Jack Whitehall, Sarah Millican.

Spending More Time With My Blogger Girlys

I am glad I joined the world of blogging otherwise I would not of met these beauties who have grown to become closer friends of mine.
We have seen each other more this year than last and this year was also the year I helped Rachel and Caroline organize the Sheffield Blog Meet Up which meant meeting new bloggers and new faces.
I hope to keep writing on here in 2014 and hopefully make more memories with these girls.

This year has been full of good memories and ones I do no regret as you shouldn't have any regrets.
I'm hoping 2014 will bring better things and more good luck.

Happy New Year x x x


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