Thursday, 19 December 2013

Lifestyle - A Day At The Nottingham Christmas Markets & A Few Purchases ♥

On the 7th December me and my girly's Rachel from Life Of A Sweetaholic, Racheal from Just Rach and Gina from Through These Brown Eyes all took a trip down to Nottingham, I had been here just two weeks before to go and see Bruno Mars so I took the two hour journey down after a bit of a nightmare morning, my train to Manchester was cancelled and the next one I got gave me just 2 minutes to get on the train to Nottingham in time, when I was at long last on the train the ticket lady came round and I found out I had bought the wrong tickets so lucky me had to buy new one's, you can say my morning didn't go with a bang, but that's my life and the bad luck it attracts all the time, but its not all bad, there are times when life well and truly does surprise me with something good happening.

We all met up to actually swap Christmas presents, I was short of one as I'm still waiting 3 weeks later for it, hopefully it comes in time for Friday if not, well I will raise hell.
We had a walk round the Nottingham Christmas markets and it was so festive with all the Christmas music and the smells of all different kinds of food.
We stopped for Mulled Wine for a catch up and when we got to the bar it resulted in me thinking the guy behind the bar had real elf ears.
I hadn't even had anything to drink either.
We had the traditional Christmas markets hot dogs, I had a salted pork barm as I'd already had a hot dog earlier in the week at the Markets in Manchester.

After lots of hustle and bustle we decided we needed to sit down before our legs dropped off, and settled in a pancake shop where I think we stayed a little too long after we had a good old gossip.
It wasn't long before we were in the shop next door which was calling our name, it resulted in us all buying the same tartan dress and me buying a "Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal Jumper" which I later discovered read "Merry Christamas Ya Filthy Animal" you can imagine how annoying that was and its been sent back and I have had to pay for the postage too, but I suppose £2.60 is better than losing out on £10.00 altogether on a Christmas jumper that wasn't spelt right.
Things happened in three's that day.
It was still a really good day and I enjoyed catching up and having some girl time, we even rode the carousel at the end which was fun, you'd never guess I was 25 would you?

These top gifts are what I bought, Christmas has well and truly broke me this year so I didn't buy a lot, this plaque was bought for my grandad, when he gets it, he will understand it, this was only £3.50 off the Christmas Markets.
The other plaque was bought for only £5.99 and it fits perfectly in our little home because our cat is our baby, this was also off the Christmas Markets.

The two items below are what I bought, I really wasn't flashing the cash that day but I'm a little mad about tartan and plaid prints at the moment so I couldn't say no, its a shame about the Christmas Jumper though.

| Tartan Dress - £10.00 | Plaid Jumper - £10.00 |

Have you visited the Nottingham Xmas markets or your local Xmas markets this year??

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