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Have a Very Yankee Christmas ♥

If there is anything I love at Christmas its burning festive scents, and getting in the Christmas mood,
Yankee candles I personally think are the best candle brand, I always buy buy a big jar if I particularly love a scent, you will see from my room tour back here that Summer Scoop was my ultimate favourite Summer 2013,

The wax tarts or samplers are the best to buy if you want to try a scent out first or are quite new to Yankee candles and they last a fair while, I always break my wax tarts up into four pieces and burn each for about 4 hours, the stronger scents I can sometimes get another day out of.

The large jars like the ones pictured above aren't the cheapest candles to buy but I think they are worth the money personally , some stores sell them for £19.99 but you can get them for a better price of £17.99 from Scented Candle Shop, the large jars can burn for up to 150 hours sometimes less, that's the equivalent of burning you candle for four hours a day for 37 days,
If the big jars aren't you thing you also have the option of buying the small jars which are £7.59 or the medium jars which are £15.59.

I seem to have gone on Yankee overdrive this month because the day I received these candles my husband treated me to the Yankee Candle Advent calender which I came home too Friday night as a nice surprise - I think he picked up on my addiction and has now commented that we should open our own Yankee Candle Shop (a little exaggerated there)
So I will be happily burning my jars and tea lights every night this month.

Last Christmas a few of my favourite scents were "Red Apple Wreath" and "Christmas Eve."
 This years new favourites have been replaced by *"Christmas Memories" which is a very strong smelling Yankee candle, I can still smell it when I come home two days after burning it for a few hours, it is a mixture of Christmas Spices and Gingerbread Biscuits and is definitely a candle for you if you like strong smells, this is top of my list now as my favourite Christmas scent.
I also love *"Snowflake Cookie", which smells just like biscuits with a hint of sweet icing, perfect for those who have a sweet tooth, personally I don't think it helps my cravings though ooops!

I also purchased Merry Marshmallow last week, my dad bought it me as an early xmas pressie because I kept saying I wanted it, I posted a photo on my instagram page, this smells like vanilla with a hint of creaminess, plus marshmallows happen to be my favourite sweeties.

I do love the design of Yankee Candle Jars and I think they look great accessorised in your home or placed on your window sill, and there is something really cosy about having them on at night when you sit in a dimly lit room with a flickering candle.

All these candles can be bought from the Scented Candle Shop in different shapes and sizes such as wax tarts, candle samplers, tea light sets and the small medium and large jars.
They make the perfect gift for Christmas and Yankee candle gift sets can be purchased too if your stuck on what scent to buy someone - why not surprise them with a few.

My order came a day after placing it which I was excited about, god knows what my poor postman thinks when he has to carry these heavy boxes around in his bag till he gets to my door,
They came extremely well packaged in the box with plenty of bubble wrap which is a must because they are glass.

Scented Candle Shop also have a 25% offer on selected fragrances this Christmas as well as each month so even more of an excuse to buy yourself a Christmas scented candle, there is an array to choose from.

The video below shows you what candles Scented Candle Shop have of offer if you love a festive inspired video.

As well as Yankee Candles Scented Candle shop also sell a range of different candle brands, accessories and holders, diffusers and bits and pieces for your home and car.
You can visit them here,

What are your favourite Yankee Candles??


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