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The Bodyshop: Nutriganics Drops Of Youth ♥

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I know I am only 25 years old and while I still don't look - I got told I looked 18 at the weekend, a compliment I will quite happily take.
I like to think I have control over ageing by trying to slow down the process, when I got sent some information about this product I wanted to give it a go and see if it did any wonders for my skin.
I took this bottle with me when I went to Cyprus, I figured I wanted my skin to look good on my wedding day and more radiant so I used this for the 2 weeks I was away there, although I was rather annoyed when I came back to our hotel room and found out the lady who cleans the hotel rooms knocked the bottle over so I only got half way through of the bottle grrrr.

The way this product works is that it is enriched with plant stem cells to enhance your skins surface renewal which is where your skin replaces your dead skin cells with new one's, it is meant to make your skin smoother and firmer, you also meant to apparently see results in 5 days with skin that looks healthier and  looks more radiant, an independent study was conducted which said that 74% of women agreed their skin looked healthier and more radiant in 5 days

- A few days before we came home, no make up and healthy skin after using this product after a week and a half -

Because of stress I did have a few problems with spots the two weeks we were here and they only flared up on my chin area, although I noticed while using this the rest of my skin did look and feel more radiant and healthy, I only wore make up during the night and even then I felt my skin was really healthy and had a glow about it,
I don't know if the ingredients in the drops of youth helped but I used it on the area's I had spots to help speed up the healing process and I feel like it did make a difference and they cleared quicker than they would normally without the help of any creams.

You are meant to use a drop or two after you have cleansed your face, I used it at night time after removing my make up, you let it sink in your skin - it has quite a sticky texture when you first apply it but it does sink in on your skin really well - you can apply your natural moisturiser over the top as normal.

Now for the scientific part that makes this product really interesting, 98% of the ingredients in this product are all naturaly enriched with plant cells from "Criste Marine" which is a plant that is known to delay premature ageing found along the cliff tops on the coastline of  France, it is able to thrive in harsh, dry conditions and sustains itself by absorbing nutrients from the air around it, it spends 12 hours submerged in seawater and another 12 on the stones under the hot sun, this plant only grows in the spring time and because of this scarcity it has eared the title of being the most precious skin care ingredient of the 21st century.

This part of the product really interested me and so much more I even googled it to find out more about the plant which you can read if you click the Attribute link below.

A 30ml bottle retails for £22.00 but you can get an extra 20mls for another £6.00 if you buy a 50ml bottle with the Christmas offers on right now its worth buying a bottle or anything else from the Nutriganics range.

I know this is a product I will be using in my daily routine from now on.

* Some wording has been taken from the press release, and my own research has also gone into this post, opinions are my own,

Have you tried these drops before or anything from this range??


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