Friday, 29 November 2013

Lifestyle: Hey Baby I Think I Want To Marry You ♥

Yes they were the lyrics to Bruno Mar's "Marry You" I got to see him live this weekend at his Nottingham show and I'm still on a bit of a high.
He was bloody amazing,

The tickets were a early birthday present earlier this year when Rachel & Gina bought me a ticket and surprised me, I tried to get tickets for the Manchester show but they sold out :(
so I've been looking forward to this concert for a while.

I met Rachel at Nottingham train station - it was my first time up in Nottingham - it was about a 1 hour and 45 minute journey from Manchester,
She took me around the city center after we dropped our bags off at the hotel we booked, and we headed straight towards somewhere that sold food because we were absolutely starving.

- We did stop for some sneaky photos though like -

Nottingham have their Christmas markets up, although we took a quick shortcut through them but decided it was best to wait to have a look about because, me Gina, and Racheal come down to visit Rachel Crawford next weekend and these Christmas Markets which will make a nice change from our Manchester German Markets, we will also be exchanging Christmas presents.

We ended up in good old Frankie & Benny's and we ordered pizza and Calzone, which tasted amazing by the way, then we headed back to our hotel stopping off at Tesco to get sweeties and some bottles of rose to start the night off with.

 - The night wouldn't be complete without some instagram selfies either -

We left for the concert at about 7.00pm I hate getting to concerts to early and waiting about as I normally hate the support bands that are on before.
We got an opportunity to take a few photo's when Bruno Mars himself joined us - haha we wish -

When Bruno Mars himself finally came on stage I was that excited the hair on my arms went up,
 I absolutely love that experience when the lights go out and the whole crowd erupts with screams and then the band comes on, its so exhilarating.

Bruno Mars was absolutely amazing live, I'm not kidding and sounds just like he does on his CD but 100% better, and he put on such a good show, he's one person I would recommend seeing live.

I have popped a few videos on instagram from the show, a few of my favorite songs were  "Just The Way You Are " and " Marry You", I do love his new album but his first one is still one of my favorites and I had "Marry You" at my wedding as one of my songs and it was also on my countdown app on my phone so it holds a special place in my heart now and always reminds me of my wedding.

 I want to see him again now!!! - sad face-
The weekend went farr to quick.....

Did you get chance to see Bruno Mars on his latest tour this year?


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