Friday, 29 November 2013

Beauty: Dirty Looks HK Quad Weft - Creating Voluminous Hair ♥

I got the opportunity to try the Dirty Looks HK Quad Weft recently,
I wasn't after hair extensions to lengthen my hair, it was more to add volume if anything.
My hairs doesn't hold many styles too well and that why I choose to wear it straight a majority of the time.
I've got a few layers in my hair but I love the voluminous look but can never achieve it myself.


The HK Quad weft comes in 21 different colours and two different lengths "16 - 18" and "20 - 22"
They offer a colour matching service up with your hair colour if you email them a photo asking what shade would be best, they were extremely helpful and picked out the colour "Organic" for me which was a perfect match,
My hairs a mahogany shade but probably has more brown tones in it.
I also picked the "16 - 18" length as my hair just comes past my chest area.

The weft is four layers of hair sewn together with added clips, its perfect for thickening up your natural hair if you have naturally thin hair but don't want to put lots of clips of extensions in your hair.
It comes packaged up in a netted material just in case you do change your mind about the colour and want to send it back.

Your hair extensions also come with a small handy book to tell you how to insert them into your hair and what styles are best to achieve using the extensions you have chosen, also you have instructions how to care and maintain them so they last too.

I inserted my Quad Weft into the top part of my crown area and it gave the illusion of an extra layer in my hair so I did achieve more of a layered look, it does say you can insert more of these depending on the thickness of your hair.
One quad weft doesn't fit the entire length of your hair all the way round as its only 8 inches wide but placed in the back of your hair I would say one placed at my crown did work for me and looked extremely natural against my own hair, its also a good way of adding other colours to add subtle highlights to your hair.

The quad weft blended well into my own hair after being clipped in and it was extremely comfy to wear throughout the day - this style was created wrapping the three lots of layers around a pair of straighteners to achieve this particular look pictured below with a spray of hair spray on the ends to keep the bounce.
The look achieved was a voluminous layered look which I absolutely love.

I thought my hair was quite thick already but with the help of this weft it definitely made it even thicker and full of body after styling.

In the future I will probably purchase more of these quad wefts to wear for nights out when I want that extra oooph in my hair and added bounce - I definitely think one personally is perfect for every day wear.

Have you tried the HK Quad Weft before??

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