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Wedding DIY - Making A Memory Last A Forever ♥

You may have seen my post on instagram earlier - you can follow me here if your not already,
This idea came to when I saw that another lady had done something similar on a facebook page I joined called "Cyprus Brides, the next chapter,"
I always find after a special occasion you have all these pretty items but nowhere to put them but in the back of your cupboard - I was thinking exactly the same.
So I went on the hunt for box frames online and found this one.
"I think this is a brilliant idea if your getting married or if you have already gotten married"

I bought my frame for a bargain £12.99 from a website called The Range - I can't seem to find it on the website now - but I bought it just last week so if you live near one, they should sell them.
The frame come with a magnetic door which you open and close and the back of the frame is a cushioned fabric so you can pin your items to the back of it - pins are also included which is a bonus.

As you can see my frame is filled with all little bits and bobs from our wedding day that mean a lot to me,
The coral bow that I have tied around the frame is actually one of our chair sashes that we used on the day for the wedding/reception and but the butterfly badge on the bow was taken from our ring cushion.

You can also see the cards that me and my husband gave to each other on our wedding day, naturally he had to buy a bigger card than me, but I love knowing they they are somewhere safe, I also included the card we got from a friend because she popped a photo of us on the front and I love that photo because we look so happy and we didn't even realize it was taken.

Other bits include our first wedding invitation that I designed for our guests a year ago, my memory locket I had hanging from my rose and butterfly bouquet, the grooms rose button hole, our cake topper, my garter I wore all day, the wooden plaque that the registrar gave us as a present after our ceremony and finally our message in a bottle wedding favors that we gave our guests.

You can choose to hang it on your wall but I think I was a little scared of it falling off as its quiet a heavy frame, so I have popped mine on top of our cabinet where we have all of our wedding photos, 
Its nice to have something to look at and its a completely unique idea for a wedding present for someone you know who is getting married - just make sure your sneaky about collecting things from their big day.

What do you think of this idea?
Will you be making your own?


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