Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Our Relationship Tag ♥

 I was tagged by the lovely Joanna to do the 'Our Relationship' tag - Since I don't talk an awful lot about daz on my blog, I thought it would be nice to do this tag so you got to know a little bit about him and us.

1. How old is your husband? He is 25 - Just 12 days older than me.

2. When is the monthsaryon the 2nd of every month :)

3. Do you guys fight? Are you happy with him? Well I married him two weeks today so of course we are happy, we have our ups and downs like every couple and hes a typical guy because hes into his football and his playstation and leave dirty socks everywhere and I'm a typical girl, I take ages to get ready and I faff a lot, and my stuff takes over our bedroom, but I think its healthy to argue now and again, sometimes things need to be said and agreed on, you need to work as a team to make a relationship work, we've been together since we were 17 so we have done a lot of growing up together.

4. Do you live together? Do your parents know? Yes, we have been living together 4 years this December, I'd be concerned if no one knew we were living together.

5. Where do you live/where are you from? We live in a little village called Flixton, its near the Trafford Center, I have always lived here my whole life, whereas Daz used to live in Oldham and he moved up here because he liked it better here.

6. How long have you been together? Seven years and fours months ish :)

7. What do people say about you guys? A lot of people say we are a lovely couple,  and we fit together like a jigsaw. When we were growing up we were both a little niave and my friends back then used to say that I shouldn't be with him, but only I knew him best, true friends should never tell you you shouldn't be with someone, they should just support you through the bad times, we have both done silly things growing up but he's never cheated on me, vice versa and I think its strengthened us as a couple.
If only they could see us now - no relationships perfect  

8. Are you planning on having children together?  In the future, we would both love a family, I'd love two little girls, I want to be settled into our first house in two years time so when the times right after then we will start a family.

I tag anyone in a relationship - please include your links 


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