Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Our Holiday In Cyprus At Nissi Beach Resort ♥

As you already know we got married in Cyprus, we also spent two weeks here with family and friends which made it that bit more special, making lifelong memories.
It was our first time in Cyprus and I think by far it was the best holiday I have ever had.
I'm not going to bore you with everything I did, although I will post some photo's of the highlights of our holiday - I promise more beauty and fashion related post will resume.

We stayed at Nissi Beach Resort along Nissi Bay, we picked here because we were also getting married here and the hotel was simply a minute walk away from the beach, as well as 10 minutes away from Aiya Napa where my friends were staying, so it was ideal really.
There we lots of hotels along this Nissi Beach though which were just as lovely and you can easily walk all the way up to more beaches along this stretch of beach.

We did a few trips with family and friends including the "Aphrodite Boat Ride" for 20 euros which lasted about 5 hours which is completely worth the money, it even included a yummy lunch, the caption even got us on the top of the ship after someone - i still don't have a clue who it was - cheekily pulled him aside to tell him we were getting married halfway through the trip.
He announced to the whole boat that we were getting married on a microphone and bought us out three bottles of champers for our friends and family, it was the nicest gesture and even more because we weren't expecting it.

The captain was so lovely, I wasn't sure if I was recovering from the night before in Aiya Napa or I was seasick, I spent about 2 hours below deck for the first half feeling like I wanted to curl up and die but he gave me a sea sickness tablet and it did the trick and he even made sure I was okay, despite all the other people on board.

We spent a day up in Protaras where my uncle was staying, which was a bus ride away for 1 euro 50, if you love views and pretty places, its worth a visit and is an ideal place to stay in Cyprus if you want somewhere a little quiet with nice sandy beaches.

One the last day of our trip we also did the Red Bus Trip to Famagusta with a little shopping trip fitted in and we also visited Varosha Ghost Town - you have to go on this trip  - It takes you across the Turkish border of Cyprus and you get to visit and hear about the abandoned city of Varosha Ghost Town, not a lot of stories send a chill down my spine but this story did and its a whole city that has been abandoned since 1974, we visited the beach where the green fence has been put up, and you could see bullet holes in the hotels and huge chunks ripped out of buildings where they had been bombed, it was really sad.
You weren't allowed to take photos of the hotel or the building but if you google it, its really eerie.

I'm not going to bore you anymore about my trip but here are some final photos of my time in Cyprus.
If you want any more info of where I stayed, got married, give me an email and I'll be more than happy to help.

Top places to eat in Aiya Napa/Nissi Bay - Atlas Restaurant/Belsito Inn/Frankie's/Othello's/Bedrock Cafe/Gary's Bar - Does A Full English Fry Up.


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