Thursday, 17 October 2013

OOTN - Chi Chi Lourdres Dress ♥

Hey lovelies, today I have a beautiful dress to show you from Chi Chi, I really wanted to take it away with me to Cyprus but it was far to dressy for the night time for a holiday, since we didn't really go anywhere extravagant apart from Aiya Napa, and that was more of a tutu and neon kind of night.

 This dress is more the sort of dress you wear for a fancy affair.
I actually haven't had chance to wear this beaut yet, so I'm not going to lie and say I wore it out at bla bla, the truth is I will be wearing it but not for a month or two yet, I'm saving this *Chi Chi Lourdres Dress for my husbands Christmas works do which is at event city in December and them do's are always an excuse to dress up, plus I think this is right up the street for Christmas because of the colours.
Gold is always a colour I associate with Christmas, now I'm not going to talk about Christmas just yet because we are still in October and I'm still in "Summer" in my little world - says me who actually purchased some Christmas presents today.

But, I wanted to pop on this dress and show you all how pretty it is, I love these sort of dresses because the material is the swishy kind, which are really fun when your up dancing at the end of the night and there also really flattering for all shapes and sizes.
 I'm not a big fan of to in your face dresses but the detail on the top half is just about right and grabs your attention.

Chi Chi never fail to disappoint me and I'd have an endless supply of there dresses hanging in my wardrobe if I had all the money in the world and the wardrobe space and the fancy occasions to go with it.

If you are after a party dress for the upcoming months??
For Christmas or New Years - the website is one you have a look on.

Click HERE to have a look.

Have you lusting after any of their dresses??


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