Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Life-Hacks For Grown-Ups ♥

Remember when you first discovered that duct tape was the greatest pet hair remover of all time? 
Or when you found out a little clear nail varnish would stop the ladder in your tights in its scruffy little tracks? 
These uncommon solutions to common problems are 'life hacks' - ways of bypassing frustration with innovative thinking and, very often, an everyday household object.

There's one everyday household object that has taken life hacks to new heights; your computer. 
Nowadays the internet is teeming with websites dedicated to making your life easier by providing simple, efficient solutions that let you get on with the important things.
Here's a list of our favourites:

Give Me Tap
Give Me Tap allows you to look up nearby places that will let you to fill up water bottles for free, saving you money and the planet from an early demise. 
They have an app, so you can look up refill zones on the go, and they also sell stylish water bottles, the proceeds from which fund water projects in Africa. 

Task Pandas

This great initiative puts you in touch with friendly, reliable and community rated 'Pandas' from your local area who can help with small jobs you may lack the time or expertise to get done on your own. Whether it be assembling furniture, cleaning, or plumbing, this site will let you post the task for free and decide the amount you're willing to pay to get it ticked off your list.

Pay As U Gym
This is perfect for the 'sometimes' gym-goer, the 'occasional' swimmer, and the 'oops, it's January and I can't fit into any of my clothes' exercise class aficionado. Pay As U Gym gives you a pass for a local gym for as little as a single session, meaning you can bypass the monthly/yearly membership many gyms require and only pay for what you use. 

Isme Collect +

Finally! A solution to your need for that new dress, now. Isme Collect+ offers you free - yes, free - next day delivery, to one of 4,500 collection points nationwide. 
No more waiting in for parcels: collection points are open early till late, 7 days a week, and you'll be sent a text or email alert when your parcel is ready for you to pick up. 
Frustration, be gone!


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