Thursday, 31 October 2013

Friendships ♥

When I started this little corner of my world, I started it because I wanted a place to write down my thoughts, I never in a million years thought I would meet some of my best friends on here.
I like that blogger is a friendly place, I like to think that everyone who you meet on here is as lovely in real life, 
I've had the opportunity to meet some bloggers of blogs I have followed for a while, and I think it's always nice to put a face to their blog, it's almost as if you can get to know someone really well just from reading their posts.

I always hope my readers can get to know me from reading my personal posts.

I first met Rachel, Georgina Balmer & Rachael C in 2011 when I started my blog, they were the first blogs I followed and I clicked with all these girls straight away, reading there blogs, 

Me, Rachel & Georgina first met up at a beauty event in the Autumn 2011 in Manchester and we haven't looked back since,  I talk to these girls most days and I text Rachel daily, I feel lost without a daily text form that girl, and she probably knows me better than anyone these days.
I got the opportunity to meet the Rachael C from JustRach the following year in the Spring, we spent a full day shopping, it was like we'd known each other for years .

We meet up as often as we can an always plan as much as we can in advance, we have recently arranged a girly night out in Manchester next month and I'm off to see Bruno Mars at the end of next month with Rachel Crawford when I get the train up to Nottingham at the weekend.

We have countless memories together and we plan to make more in the future because that's what friendship is about, it's not about how many friends you have or how popular you are, it's about people you can count on who will be there when you need them most.

| From Top Left - Me, Rachel Crawford (From Life Of A Sweetaholic ) Georgina Balmer (Through These Brown Eyes) | Middle - Jenn, Helen, Me, Steph | Bottom photo - Rachel C - (From JustRach) and me |

I have some other amazing girls in my life, my other best friend Steph who was recently my maid of honour at my wedding, and two other lovely girls Helen & Jenn, who I have met through other friends, and sometimes that's how is you meet other people - always make the effort to get to know someone - they could be your future best friend,

I think the best way to show how much your friends mean to you is to send them a special card on their birthday to remind them how amazing they are.
* Hallmark have a new range of best friend cards which are perfect for each and every single one of your friends including the one's I have pictured below - the first one is one of my favorite.

I have been let down growing up by girls I thought were my true friends, but the truth is I don't regret the times we spent together, the memories and fun times I had will always make me smile - but the friends who matter the most are the ones who are in your present and future and make the effort to stay in your future,
These girls are all important to me.

Have you met any of your friends from blogging?


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