Thursday, 24 October 2013

A Night In With Domino's ♥

I am sorry in advance if I leave you wanting a domino's after looking at these photos - even I want to eat it all over again.

On Sunday we decided the best cure for the night before was to order a Domino's Pizza, 
Sundays are for eating and relaxing right - we made sure we ate the whole lot.

We used the Domino's App on our ipad which make it really easy to pick what kind of pizza we wanted, and there lots of choices to pick from, my mouth was watering before we'd even ordered it.

We ordered a portion of chicken strippers to start us off with, I always love using the dips you get with the pizza's to dip the starters in - these didn't last for long and they are always so yummy.

The pizza we ordered was a large half and half - not everyone can decide on a flavour  and I love anything hot and spicy so we halved the pizza down the middle and got American Hot and Mighty Meaty with a hot dog stuffed crust between us, the hot dog stuffed crust is amazing, but filling so make sure you maybe have 4 of you if you buy this size pizza - you get 10 pieces each so that's about two and a bit slices each.

Domino's is not complete without a dessert so we ordered two tubs of Ben and Jerry's "Cookie Dough" and "Caramel Chew Chew" to share between us all - who doesn't love Ben & Jerry's.

We washed our tea down with a big bottle of fanta and coke zero,

The rest of Sunday evening was spent in a  food coma.
I absolutely love Domino's and I am glad we live round the corner from one, I don't tend to eat bad food all the time but the odd treat is worth it and it was the best end to the weekend.

Do you love Domino's?
Whats your favourite pizza??


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