Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Less than 1 Week To Go - My Journey Of A Bride To Be #7

Well today is is officially the day I step on the plane to Cyprus to get married,
I'll be almost there when this post goes up.
I get married next week so I'll we'll be in Cyprus just under a week before we get married.
 I will be a little quiet on the blog for the next two weeks, but don't worry, I'll be back to posting when I am home.

Most of our family and friends are flying out with us today and a few of my friends including my Maid Of Honour are flying out on the Friday so it gives us all a chance to settle in and get a good tan before the big day arrives and its another excuse to have another hen/stag party out there, who says you can't have two.

This is my final installment in My Journey Of A Bride To Be, 
I hope you have enjoyed reading my posts and if you have been a reader of my wedding related posts,
Thank you for reading and leaving such lovely comments.
I can't wait to share the photos with you.
I will be so sad when its all over because I have loved planning every little detail.

I wish that everyone of my friends could of made it to Cyprus with me,
I have had my best friends - including Rachel and Gina's - support every step of the way and I could not of asked for more amazing friends to help me plan my wedding and put up with my moaning.

I have a few more bits and pieces we have got off family and friends to share with you in this post too.

First up is this beautiful photo album that my mother in law to be bought us, its absolutely stunning with 3D butterflies fluttering all up on side - I love that no one will have one identical to it - I can't wait to fill it.

She also bought us this Mr & Mrs Chadderton wooden plaque - I plan on having this on our table at the reception where we are sitting as a centerpiece - she personalized this with out butterfly theme, and it has the date of our wedding on it- isn't she amazing.

Because my mum sadly passed away almost 4 years ago, I bought this hanging locket for my flower bouquet off a seller on Facebook called Beatrice Belle, she is so lovely and made this so perfectly for me and she was so helpful - I'd recommend her 100%

 In one photo there is a picture of my mum and the other photo is my fiances Darren's grandma holding Darren as a baby,
Its a little something to make us feel closer to those we wish could be there, it breaks my heart to not have my mum there when I need her most,

As you know I also received this beautiful photo album book to pop photo's from the Hen Party in from one of my best friends Rachel - you can see more about that post here.

At the weekend, I ironed these diamante transfers onto vest tops for myself and my Maid Of Honour to wear on the morning of our wedding just so we can feel that bit more special while getting ready.

The vest tops were from H&M and I'm sure they were only a few pounds in the sale and the transfers were about £2.99 on eBay - I'd only give these a go though if you have plenty of time on your hand and your good with an iron.

I also had my nails done this weekend to at my local salon, I'm not one for spending a fortune on beauty before I go away but I had my nails and toenails painted with shellac - 14 days chip proof nail varnish, after all you do only get married once, plus my salon had a special £10.00 offer on.

So its official all this wedding planning is coming to an end - but for the perfect reason.
I have enjoyed it so much and if your getting married yourself soon, cherish every day of your planning.

  I will see you in two weeks time where I will officially be Mrs Chadderton.

If you have me on instagram I may even pop some photo's up there - xxmrschaddertontobexx

Lots of Love


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