Sunday, 1 September 2013

Hello September ♥ And A Few Wedding Day Tips For Bride To Be's ♥

Wow, where has last month gone?
August has finally come and gone and now we are in September and I get married this month - apologies to the people who keep getting reminded a million times but I am excited so can you really blame me?

Its been quite a rubbish year to be honest with so many set backs and things going wrong, I can say 2013 has actually been a really unlucky and hard year for me.
But I'm hoping this one month everything will go perfectly and I will look back on 2013 as being the best year of my life because its the year I marry my best friend.

Anyway I came across this a few months ago on Pinterest that someone has uploaded and I thought it was really handy for those bride to be's to maybe take a screenshot or save this page for future reference.

These are tips to help you when you are getting married on the morning of your wedding - which will be me in 24 days - eeek.

Are there many bride to be's on here?
When do you get married?

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