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"Get This Party Started" - My Hen Night - My Journey Of A Bride To Be ♥ #6

Last weekend was the night I had been planning for a few months and it really was the best night out I have had in a long time.
Me and my 8 hens arrived in Leeds on the Saturday morning after a crazy 10 minutes when we took a wrong turn and almost ended up on the motorway home - what we like.

Once we were all together we checked in and went straight to our rooms to pop on our sashes so we could start our night straight away.
We decided to go to Wetherspoons for some lunch and pre drinks but decided the best plan was staying at the hotel and eating there because it was to busy at Wetherspoons,

The only thing I regret was that we didn't set off an earlier, we could of done with an extra hour or two to have a bit longer to natter and enjoy our food and drinks - then again I may have not made it out if I'd of had longer to drink.

After our lunch/tea which was amazing by the way, The Premier Inn cook some pretty amazing handmade pizza's.

After our food, we had about 2 hours to hurry up and get ready so we could leave for the show we had booked at the Oceana in Leeds Central.
We had a few drinks beforehand, I was a classy lady with my Lambrini and I gave all my hens there goodie bags which included personalized shot glasses, willy straws, glow stick bracelets and a pink balloon each.
I got the pink bags off eBay in a pack of 10 and made the labels myself to save a bit of money.
I thought they looked fab.

All my hens looked absolutely gorgeous, I could not have asked for a more beautiful bunch of ladies.

I dress was from Missguided and was only £26.99 and was so lovely to wear, although I'm sure I spent half the night pulling it up - the only downside with strapless dresses.
The sexy lady next to me on the bottom photo is my Maid Of Honour.

The show that we went to was the Adonis Cabaret Night in Leeds - you can read more about it here and there a different shows in different cities if you ever want to go.
Its the perfect girls night out to go to for your hen night with some good looking men thrown in,
Its an absolute laugh and is not in any way seedy.
All my hens loved it.
The show was about 2 hours long and you got a free drink/buffet with your photos taken all night for free,

At one point in the show all the brides to be's had to get up on stage and I was pretty adamant I would not go up because I am a chicken, but after a few drinks there was no stopping me - thank god for vodka.
We all had to introduce ourselves and where we were from blind date style and I thought that was all..... until we were told we had to dance on stage and take it in turns singing Valerie by Amy Winehouse on karaoke - it wasn't that bad, at least I can say I gave it a whirl.

 After the show had finished, we got a few cheeky photo's with the "acts"

The club actually opened to the public at about 10pm and it was a nightclub with numerous different rooms, We danced away in about three different rooms throughout the night,
If was only because our feet were hurting that we went home at 3.15 am, everyone got one and had a brilliant night.

Me, Rachel Crawford, Gina and Racheal  ( my blogger girlies ) all went back to our room and talked random rubbish while we ate cold pizza, whispas and ready salted crisps and water and the rest because Rachel Crawford had a feast in her bag, although she kept the cookies a secret that night.
 I don't think we got to bed till at about 5am and even then we got 4 hours sleep before we completed the morning with a full english breakfast at Wetherspoons.

I had an absolutely brilliant Hen Party, I wish I could do it all over again but sadly I only plan to get married the once, these other girls need to get married now so I can go to their's
Rachel Crawford got me the most amazing present - she almost made me cry - good job I'm getting better at composing myself.

She got me this personalized Hen Party photo book so I can print out all the photos from my night and keep them forever, such a thoughtful idea, and she's such an amazing friend.
Ohhh and I can't miss out my Maid Of Honour either who got me my veil, L plates and name badges for the girls.

I hope you enjoyed reading out my night, I fly out next week to Cyprus.
There will be one post coming up before I disappear for two weeks, eeek.


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