Monday, 2 September 2013

Bridal Make Up Inspiration and Top 10 Bridal Make Up Tips ♥

So when I fly out to Cyprus as well as getting my hair done, I'm have also chose to get my make up done by a make up artist,
 I'd do it myself normally but that would involve buying high end products for the one day and its costing me a little less that what I'd spend on MAC products - plus for one day I'd rather have someone else doing my hair and make up.

I have been browsing gorgeous bridal make up for months now and I have come across some beautiful photo's and have collected a few of my favorites and pinned them to my bridal board to eventually share in this post.

I think your eyes are an important when it comes to make up - I especially love defining mine and making my hazel colour stand out more - But I think its important to keep the rest of your make up minimal -

The looks I have chosen are similar to how I want my bridal make up, the lip colour in the bottom photo is gorgeous and I want a nice light coral shade just like that.

I love how natural the first one is, minimal make up just makes you look like a natural beauty.

My eyes aren't blue but I do love how they have used the eyeshadow a similar to the eye colour, it really makes her eyes stand out, I'd probably use this technique with green and brown shades to match my eyes.

All photo's have been pinned from pinterest and I am not in anyway taking credit for them.

I also featured "Top 10 Tips For The Bride On The Morning Of Her Wedding" here,
I thought it would be nice to also add these handy tip too from the same person for
 "Bridal Makeup"

Which are your favorite looks?

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