Friday, 30 August 2013

New Cosmetics - I Perfection Foundation ♥

I was sent this product a few months ago to try from Hairtrade, I'm quite funny about foundations and which one's I use because I have quite greasy skin so like I do with all foundations I like to use them for a month or so to see how they work with my skin.

This foundation is meant to work by adapting to your skin tone using adaptive pigments.

I love how classy and sophisticated the packaging feels, there's an expensive feel about the bottle and I love how different it is from your standard glass bottle, you can see how much you have left by the level at the side of the product.

It worked really well with my skin too, its doesn't have a greasy consistency which some foundations tend to, leaving you with a shiny face - this dries quite quickly - so its perfect for you ladies with oily skin

I would use it again, but this would most likely be a luxury product for me and one I would use for nights out or special occasions only - your allowed one luxury product in you life aren't you?

From left to right - Before & After and bottom - Full face with foundation,

I took a photo of how this foundation works with a before and after shot so you can see its adaptive pigments at work - swatches on hands don't tell the full story I think.

I chose the vanilla shade for my skin - it was a little tricky picking my skin tone colour online because I normally love to see the product in real life - the shade I picked was true to colour and it was the right shade for my skin tone.

This foundation retails for £28.50 - I think its worth the price purely because its not just your average foundation, but I'd purchase this personally as a luxury product.

You can purchase it from the Hairtrade website here

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