Thursday, 8 August 2013

Less than 2 Month To Go - My Journey Of A Bride To Be #5

Our Wedding Cake Topper - Ebay,
I seriously can not believe I am writing this post, and I actually can not believe it when I say I am getting married next month, where has the year gone??
It only feels like yesterday when me and my fiancé booked our wedding,

I went for my final dress fitting last Sunday and I was quite pleased because my dress hasn't needed altering on the length or any part of the dress, so it means I haven't put weight on or lost it which is a good thing - zumba and pilates has paid off.

I pick it up a week before I fly out which will be the 18th of September eeeek.

I think it has become real, I did get quite emotional when they bought my dress out to try on, but I fought back the tears - I'm going to be a mess on the day - I'll make sure I pack my waterproof mascara.

 Next weekend, my best friend Rachel Crawford is popping up to Manchester from Nottingham to keep me company with my maid of honour Steph while my fiancé goes on his stag do and causes all sorts of mayhem in Newcastle.
But I'm excited because it means we get to have a girlie night and go and buy bits for the hen party which is in just under a month.

I have finally sent off all my paper work too, to get married in Cyprus you need to get paper work declared by a solicitor to state you haven't been married before, it actually wasn't as hard as it seemed, so anyone thinking of getting married in Cyprus, don't let the paperwork put you off.

Me and my fiancé have also decided that because we have some extra money left over we should use that as the perfect opportunity to throw a reception when we are home for the friends and family who won't be making our wedding, it will be so nice to relive that day again, wear my dress again and spend it with my friends and family again so I'm looking forward to planning that.

I have almost got everything now too, I think the only thing that needs checking off my list is my maid of honours dress need altering, and then I need to get a few last bits and bobs such as a dress box as Thomas Cook state that my dress has to fit in a box the exact dimensions of there luggage department above the seats, I'm glad I get to take it on board with me, I won't be letting it out of my sight once I have it,
Me and my fiancé still need to get some last minute gifts too for friends and family who are also playing a huge roll on our special day.

We still haven't picked any proper ceremony music - I have the song I want to walk down the aisle too, but we need a few others for signing the registar and when the guests are waiting for us so feel free to make any suggestions of good wedding songs :)
The one good thing about getting married abroad is that I don't feel like I need to worry about the whole day because the hotel are keeping that under control for us, I guess that's one other advantage of getting married abroad.

My next wedding update should hopefully be the photos from my hen night in Leeds.

I have my outfit sorted for my hen party for those who haven't seen on instagram - I bought this lovely dress from Missguided - it is such a pretty dress - you can find it here online - no doubt there will be an outfit of the day from the hen party featuring this dress.

I hope that you do like reading these updates, I know they are not relevant to everyone but I know its sometimes exciting to follow people's journey's.


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