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I Heart Summer Tag ♥

Summer is almost over but while its still here I wanted to join in and post this "I heart Summer Tag" that I took from the beautiful Kayleigh from CoutureGirl

1. Favourite bronzer for Summer?

I have been using the same one all of this summer that I got in an offer from Miss Sporty - I always think there make up in aimed for teenagers, but I picked up Ohh Tan So Fine Bronzer in an offer for £2.99 in Superdrug and got a free watermelon lip balm with it and I've pretty much used it and will be repurchasing it.

2. Favourite summer lip product?

I tend to love wearing tinted lip glosses in the summer because I like to keep my lips moisturized and lipglosses a little lighter than lippies, the one I have used the most has been the Bodyshops "Love Gloss For Lips" 

I have also found myself using Rimmels "Apocalips" in Stellar which is a really vibrant coral shade which has been perfect summer because its such an eye popping colour.

3. Pool or beach?

It depends if I'm on holiday or not, If I am abroad, then you can find my lying by the pool with a good girlie read, if its at home then you know how bad english weather can be so I make I make sure if its a really sunny day, I'll go to the beach for the day, I don't live very near a beach, the nearest one is about an hour away.

4. Must have styling product?

I don't tend to put an awful lots of products in my hair as it can get greasy quite quickly if I do, so in the Summer months when my hairs exposed to the sun I have been using Lee Stafford's Breaking Hair Treatment its more for girls who style there hair a lot and colour it which I do, but I use it once a week just to give my hair some extra TlC
and to reduce hair drying time when its really hot I have been using Lee Stafford's Blow Dry Wonder Spray - which is amazing if you want your hair to dry in half the time it takes - not only can you have an extra 5 minutes in bed but it really does work.

5. Sun bathing or fake tan?

Sun Bathing - I'm not the biggest fan of fake tan, I hate the thought of patchy skin that I sometimes see on girls.
In the Summer months or when I go away, I turn to good old SPF and tan the old fashioned way.
Sometimes I use gradual tan after sun which enhances my natural tan and I do tend to use Garnier Summer Body in the Spring to give myself a bit of colour.

6. Favourite summer drink?

I don't drink an awful lots but in the Summer I do love a nice glass of sweet rose wine or a Mojito, alcoholic and non alcoholic, Summer tends to be the month I drink cocktails more or if I'm on holiday.
If its something refreshing and non alcoholic I do love a nice cold glass of lemon fanta.

7. Favourite summer nail polish?

I have been loving the Barry M Gelly Polishes this year - Blueberry & Greenberry have been firm favorites of mine and also Bourjois Paris So Laque in Tangerine Fatal

8. Any summer traditions?

There's never normally ever any Summer traditions  I do tend to go on more days out every Summer either to the beach or the theme parks with groups of friends.
Its my birthday and my fiances in the Summer so we normally arrange a big night out on the town to celebrate but this year we did that and went to the beach and had a beach party.
We also try and get away at the start of September when Summer here is almost ending.

9. Favourite summer scent?

Armani Code - I got this a few years ago for my birthday and I take it away with my when I go on holiday and it just reminds me of happy memories.
Its quite a dark scent so I normally wear it at night before we go out.
I got a new bottle of this this year for my birthday and its my third bottle.

10. Favourite BBQ food?

I don't think you can go wrong with a good burger in a bun, I also love salad with it too, there's nothing more refreshing than that on a hot summers day.
 I absolutely love BBQ food and I can't wait till I finally have a house so I can have a BBQ in the summer in my own garden.

11. Favourite summer-proof product?

Make up is a nightmare when I am away on holiday and in the summer and my skin gets shiny really quickly so I have been using 17 Miracle Matt Loose Powder and it does keep shine at bay all day and night with a few touch ups, I have used a lot of powders and this one works the best for my skin.

12. Any summer plans?

I am getting MARRIED in Cyprus, we fly out on the 18th September and I absolutely can not wait to say "I DO" overlooking this view.

Feel free to join in and post this tag on your blog - let me know if you do.


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