Sunday, 25 August 2013

Bodyshop Colour Crush Lipsticks - New Collection & Lip Swatches ♥

Lipstick is one of my favorite must have items of make up so I was really excited trying these colours out for this post.

They were released on the 20th August as the Bodyshop's new Colour Crush Lipstick Collection which have over 24 colours to choose from - they are replacing the Colourglide Collection for those who use that lipstick.

I got to try these two colours and one of the colours I would probably have not picked up normally is the plum shade "Damsel In Distress" - I tend to stick to light colours in Summer and I wear more reds in Autumn,

Another reason why I love these lipsticks is because they are 100% animal cruelty free and 100% vegetarian,

These lipsticks are split up into three colour categories: Brightest Red/The Sweetest Pinks/The Finest Nudes so there is a lip colour for every skin tone.

They are very moisturizing when worn on your lips which is another important must with any lip colour,

They contain cherry seed oil and community fair trade maula oil which helps the lipstick glide on.
They also have a nice floral smell which I love.

The packaging is nice and simple and the lipstick shade accessorizes the lid which I love as some packaging only has the colour on the bottom of the product, so its quite easy to distinguish what colours what if you have more than one of these shades.

I swatched the two colours on my lips so you can see how they look:

| From top to bottom - Coral Kiss - 315 | Damson In Distress - 240 |

The "Coral Kiss" shade is subtle  for every day wear, definitely a favorite shade of mine,

The "Damsel In Distress" shade is perfect for the Autumn months with burgundy shades.

They are available in store form the 20th August an online here for an RRP £10

What do you think about these lipsticks?

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