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A Tour Of My Bedroom - Where I Blog ♥

I have been wanting to do a post like this for some time, but I have just never got round to taking the photo's
Recently we have been buying bits and pieces for mine and my fiance's bedroom,
 I think we needed to give it a bit of a make over, and the bedroom is probably one of my favorite rooms in a home.
I spend most of my time in here - sleeping mostly.
But I wanted our to have an ambient look about it, mostly because it makes me feel all cosy.

| Thick Cream Curtains - Dunelm Mill | Heart Fairly Lights - Cath Kidston |

 I'm quite lucky that my fiance lets have our bedroom how I want it, I wouldn't say its pink and girly, I'd say it has a boudoir look about it with a bit of a vintage feel.
I like the classy look and I love worn and old vintage items.
All of these items I have purchased myself and I have bought recently - I have included some links to places I have bought my items in case you see something you like.

| Shabby Chic Light - Asda - | Butterfly Wall Art - Gift - But Quality Save Do Sell Similar | Yankee Candle - Yankee Candles UK | Bunny Light - Quality Save |

My bed is a place I like to blog from, especially when its a cold and rainy night in winter, I love lazy days in bed especially when its just watching my favorite films.
We got our bed from a local clearance shop two and a half years ago so I have no idea where its from, but as soon as I saw it in the shop I wanted it, its one of my favorite pieces in our room and its so comfy.

I got the duvet sets quite recently from from Asda for only £15.00 it looks basic but as soon as I saw the set I knew it would fit in with our bedroom theme and the wall art above,
I have always wanted to visit Paris so I have this wall art above our bed to remind me of that dream.

I love butterflies in case you haven't noticed, our living room has more butterflies in it, I think there is something so pretty about them, this canvas was bought for me at Christmas off my grandad from Next after I took a photo and had shown him.

The scatter cushions were from Dunelm Mill about a year ago, I got them for only £1.00 each, they were a bargain, I saw them online and rushed down the next day to buy them, 

As my bedroom is quite a personal spot, not many people visit, so I have these two canvases above my bed, I lost my mum three years ago so I have this photo to remind me of her whenever I wake up and is my favorite photo of me and her , the photo underneath is one me and my fiance had done at a photoshoot 2 years ago.

| Boudoir Duvet Set - Your Image To Canvas | Eiffel Tower Wall Art -Quality | Butterfly Canvas - Next |

These parts of my room are storage places and little details I have added here and there, I hate clutter and think it looks to over the top when people add to much on there wall or shelves, I always like the minimal look and little details make more of a difference.

I love little hearts although I don't think my obsession is as bad as one of my best friends "Gina"
I got both of these little hanging hearts from Dunelm Mill - they are so cute,

The little door stop is one I love, I picked it up from my local quality save, they also had an owl one I picked up for our living room quite recently.

 | Hanging Hearts - Both Dunelm Mill | Door Stop - Quality Save |

I don't have an awful lot of storage space and I like to hide things (usually mess) I have countless bottles and lotions and perfumes so rather than stacking them up I bought this canvas box from Dunelm Mill, its pretty and floral and does a good job of storing all my make up and bits and pieces.
I like to keep my favorite perfumes I use on a daily basic out so I can just spritz them on the go.

This floral jewelry box was a bargain at only £5.00 from Dunelm Mill - I should be sponsoring this website,

Underneath my jewelry box is my memory box which holds all of my photos and memories of special times, I occasionally look at this when I a feeling sentimental, i'm not to sure where this is from as my grandad bought me this last year for my birthday.

The hanging heart is a birthday present from my best friend Rachel Crawford from last month - I love the quote. 

Me and my fiance also have out honeymoon jar which we have had since we got engaged, we don't have a clue how much we have in here since we are always putting the odd £1, £2 in, when its full I guess we will find out.

 | Jewelry Hanger - Ebay | Jewelry Box - Dunelm Mill | Floral Canvas Box - Dunelm Mill | 

The heart shaped tin box is where I store all my earrings, I have far to many pairs and I can keep them altogether in this little tin, however it is a nightmare pairing them up.

I picked up this jewelry hanger off Ebay for £10.00 last year it stores all my hair clip, favorite necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets.

So that is a tour of my bedroom - A very photo heavy post, but I hoped you liked enjoyed reading this post and now have a little insight as to where I blog.

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