Sunday, 28 July 2013

Bass Buds Classics - Your Colour, Your Style ♥

I was really excited when I received these earphones in the post, partly because they they were really girlie and pink.
But also because I had read so much about them,
They are available in different colours to suit your personal style so there is a colour for everyone.

I chose the Pink Bassbuds from the Classic Collection, they come complete with:
ear buds, and genuine swarovski elements embedded into the earpieces themselves.

RRP: £54.00

They come packaged in a compact little box complete with a certificate of authenticity, a different range of ear pieces, which I liked, not all standard earphones fit in my ears and it can so be so uncomfortable for me, but these had quite a few sizes to choose from.
and you also get a handy little bag so you can carry them around with you.

They are made of a double wrapped cable which makes it impossible to get these all tangled up, another pet hate of mine, I hate tangles and have broke a few earphones trying to get them out of a knot.

 The sound you get from them in truly amazing, I used to think all earphones were the same but I have noticed the difference when watching my favorite show "Vampire Diaries" in bed,
They have HD audio via the Advanced Crystatronics Virtual Surround Sound Technology that makes these earphone sound amazing, 

They even have a gold plated 3.5 audio jack for optimum connectivity and sound quality.

You can view the different ranges from the Bassbuds website here

Do you like the look of these earphones?
Are they something you would pick?


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