Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Summer Holiday/Wedding Buys - Primark, New Look, Select ♥

The Saturday that's just gone was my excuse to go shopping after I met up with Rachel Crawford, We managed to get some shopping time in after the Paige Toon book signing (see yesterdays post)

We also met up with Gina at Yates to give her her birthday presents as we don't get to meet up often, she loved what me and Rachel got her and we certainly spoiled her.

After some lunch in Yates me and Rachel hit Manchester Primark for some holiday shopping.
 I have just recently had to quit my new job, my heart wasn't in it and I suddenly panicked and thought "I can't do this for the rest of my life", so this month and next will be my only opportunity for a splurge before I go away and also get married, (sad face) I am already looking for something new though and I still have my other job so my main priority has to be flat bills and paying for our wedding.
Its a good job my holiday wardrobe is almost complete - here's what I bought -

Primark Butterfly Sandals - £10.00
0IIb fell in love with these sandals as soon as I saw them, they had actually been dumped by someone in a random department but they were my size and the fitted like a gem - these will be for my holiday at the night time, I'm thinking of taking about 4 pairs of shoes for the night (2 pairs of wedges and two pairs of sandals)

More pretty studs - £2.00
I can't help but chuck some of these in my basket each time I go for a shop.

Top to Bottom - Primark Shorts - £12.00, Primark Jewelled Shorts - £12.00, Select Shorts - £12.00

Shorts are something I do not have enough pairs off, I have about two pairs so I only originally was meant to pick up the first two, but Select had these laced edge ones that I had seen similar in New Look, and for £12.00 I couldn't say no.
More Basics - Primark Striped Top - £3.00
Primark Pink Crop Top - £2.00
New Look lace crop top - £12.99
Crop tops are a trend I want to embrace but for someone who is paranoid about there tummy, so i figured buying pieces I can wear with high waisted shorts for more confidence was a better idea.
I just need to make sure I go to pilate's every week now.
New Look Yellow Vest - £12.99
New Look Neon Floral Chiffon Top - £12.99
Select Lace Top - £8.00
I am loving all the bright colours around at the minute, I think they really make an outfit pop and I love these colous I have bought, particularly the yellow top.
Primark Dress - £13.00

I vowed I would not buy anymore dresses for my holiday since I probably have about 30 now but I could not pick up pretty blue dress, its a bandeau style with an elasticated back, and very floaty at the bottom, its quite a 60's style.
Well those are all the bits and pieces I picked up on Saturday, now I'm going to try not to touch some of them till September,
Officially under 3 months till I get married.... eeek!

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