Monday, 24 June 2013

Meeting Paige Toon ♥

This Saturday was a really busy one because not only did I get to see Rachel Crawford and Gina again,

Me & Rachel also went to a book signing at Waterstones in Manchester to meet our favorite chicklit author Paige Toon, we have been waiting for her to book signing for a long time.

I first got into reading Paige Toon's books when Rachel Crawford recommended reading them to me, 

I downloaded "Lucy In The Sky" to my ipad and from then on I was hooked buying her books on release date and even going as far as to waiting till midnight to download her book once it became available.

Not many authors can make me not want to put a book down but with Paige Toon's books, I could happily read one all day long till I finished it, her newest book "The Longest Holiday" I finished in less than a week which caused me to lose out on so much sleep as I possibly could not stop reading it.

I Saturday I met Rachel bright and early at Piccadilly and we went to Waterstones , we bought our favorite books out of the series  "Johnny Be Good"- I have all of mine downloaded to my ipad/kindle - before queuing up.

When me and Rachel finally met Paige Toon herself, she was honestly one of the most loveliest people I have ever met, she greeted us with a hug and she chatted away to us for about 10 minutes, asking us what were were doing later that day and we got to ask her a few sneaky questions about her books, before she quite happily posed for pictures with us and signed our books.

Its nice that she is so down to earth and loyal to all her fans, and for that reason she is a author I will never ever forget, she always tweets back on twitter too.

If you have never read any books by her I'd recommend buying her back catalogue, her books are perfect to take with you on holiday, "Chasing Daisy" was the book that got me through my holiday in the Maldives when my fiance got a tummy bug and I had to stay in with him for a day or two so I always associate that book with holiday.

I would give you a little bit of advice, read her books in the right order - the characters all relate to each other in some way in her books - she has two which are follow ups for each other "Johnny Be Good" & "Baby Be Mine" and "One Perfect Holiday" & "One Perfect Christmas" - "One Perfect Christmas" was a special kindle/ipad edition only available to download.

Her newest book - The Longest Holiday - A recommended holiday read.

Are you a fan of Paige Toon?


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