Monday, 10 June 2013

LUSH Cosmetics - Colour Supplement & Emontional Brilliance Review ♥

As you you you will know, it was the Sheffield Bloggers meet a few weeks ago, and on the day we got to go to a demonstration at LUSH which was a lot of fun,

After the demonstrations the lovely people at LUSH also gave us some goodies to take home with us, my bag contained two full size products worth over £20, the colour supplement which can be found in a variety of shades on the lush website here RRP £8.50
And the emotional brilliance powder which can be found on the lush website here RRP £12.00,

I was really intrigued to try the products as they contain natural and fresh ingredients which are good for your skin.

The colour supplement is a pigmented base infused with fresh rose petals, soya oil and rice bran oil, if like me you like a light base then this product is for you, it didn't feel to heavy on my skin and it blended in really well with my skin highlighting it,

It does last all day on your skin and I didn't need any touch ups, however with my oily skin, this colour supplement didn't help to much on my tzone areas even on top of moisturiser, so for them reasons I only used this a few times before resorting back to my other foundations.

I'm not saying this isn't an amazing product because anyone with normal or dry skin might find this beneficial, but it didn't work for me personally,

It comes in a handy little pot which is perfect for popping in your purse or make up bag and the pot is big enough to fit your index and middle finger in for application, the mixture is smooth and creamy and makes application perfect.

The emotional brilliance powder on the other hand is of my favourite products by LUSH, it can be used over the top of your make up to set it on it can be worn  over your bare skin.

This product worked wonders at giving my skin have a healthy glow as well as blending in the colour supplement, and it smelt gorgeous.
The pot is big enough to pop your face brush in and a little bit goes a long way, it's also perfect for nights out for touching up shine, however use it on a flat surface.

I suggest if you do buy the colour supplement to buy the emotional brilliance powder too, they make an excellent combination
This powder will definitely be a repurchase.

I just want to take this particular opportunity to thank LUSH for letting me try these products, sometimes something which works brilliantly for one might not for another but we all do have different skin and there is something that will always work well for someone.

Have you used any cosmetics from the LUSH range or these particular items I have blogged about?
What did you think of them?


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