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So there feels like there has been a lack of lifestyle posts on my blog lately for someone who started out this little corner of my world to write about everything and anything.

I'm going to write and keep up with these posts so you know who the person behind this blog is a little bit better, those who follow me on Instagram xxmrschaddertontobexx, may see a little of what goes on in my life there, and just so you know why sometimes I'm a little quiet.
After all my blog is a little of everything.

The sunny weather was amazing the week before last week, I achieved a pretty good tan when I got the chance to sit out in the sun, the Saturday before last was particularly gorgeous, me and my fiancé visited manchester by hopping on the train, we live about 10 minutes away which is pretty handy since we live 5 minutes away from a train station.

On our way in, rekorderlig had set up a little cabin bar selling rekorderlig bottles and cocktails, me and Daz decided to sit down for a bit and have cocktail, I picked the apple mojito, and Daz picked out a strawberry cocktail, at £6 they were a lil pricey but worth it, if you see one like this, it's worth a stop by,

I also took some time out in the sunshine to read this book I bought a few weeks back " A Street Cat Named Bob" You will absolutely love this book if you love cats and its made me see how the homeless live in a different light, I think it's so nice how close we can come with our pets, I would definitely recommend this book for a read.

I have been able to take some time out with my pup sasha sashatoo, she's a short haired border collie and she's as crazy as anything, we took a walk on this day to her favourite field and she loved it, I swear I wish I could be as happy as she is every day.

I happen to have pub near me that happens to sell the most amazing desserts, it started out with just going for a few drinks with the girls, at 9 o'clock, we all decided enough was enough and we ordered dessert, I picked the mars bar cake, the one in the middle and boy was it amazing,

This month also happened to be the month that my wedding dress came in the shop,I had waited 7 months for it,
I went along for a fitting with my bits and pieces, it was so exciting, the dress was a size 8 which I was really happy about as I thought I was getting a 10 and it fitted like a glove, I was a bit annoyed as my hair was having a bad hair day because of the wind and rain so it wouldn't stay up the way I wanted it on the big day.
I'm popping back in August to try it on and get it altered if I need to before I can finally bring it home, YAY,

I went to a gig never last month at the Ruby Lounge in Manchester to see this guy, "Andrew McMahon" for those who were a fan of one tree hill, Andrew was the lead singer in "Jacks Mannequin" from season 4, who played at TRIC, Andrew came over to the UK to sing some of his solo material and we even got treated to a few Jacks Mannequin songs.

After the show he stopped for autographs and photos, he was an absolutely lovely guy.

Well there you go, that is a snippet as to what's been going on in my life the past month or so.
If you do want to see more lifestyle posts, let me know.


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