Tuesday, 11 June 2013

7 Years ♥

On the 2nd June, it was mine and my fiances darren's 7 year anniversary,
We have come along way since we first met when we were 17, now we are nearly 25,
and in almost 3 months we will be Mr & Mrs,
I can't put it in words how much I am looking forward to "our day"

It was a lovely day when we did go out on the 2nd June, the sun was out all day,
We went to our favorite burger place in the whole wide world "Almost Famous"

We even managed to pick up some cokes with our names on - surely that had to be a little bit of fate right (either that or we got lucky) - since I hadn't been able to even find my name and these two just happened to be on a shelf near each other.

Before we had our meal we had a little stroll where we used to meet every Saturday because I was at college during the week, it seems like such a lifetime ago how years just pass us by.

We then went and ended the night at the cinema where we had our first date and watched The Hangover 3,
Perfect Day 

Here's to more years and memories to come with my boy - it will be exciting to see what I will be writing this time next year.



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