Sunday, 21 April 2013

Spring/Summer Primark, Jane Norman Purchases ♥

I can't believe how lovely the weather has been, it was so sunny yesterday I even managed to get an hour or so in the pub beer garden near me, I'm so excited because I know summer is around the corner and its almost less than 5 months till Cyprus.

I've been shopping and buying little bits over the week instead of in one go and I have found some lovely pieces at some great prices, the shop where I work is having a closing down sale so I have been getting first dibs on sale items which I have been marking down - sneaky...

I also went to Primark on Wednesday because I was after a dress I'd seen a girl wearing....

I didn't buy an awful lot, just a few bits and pieces but I will show you a few items I've bought over the past month or so.

I bought these two dresses - the one on the left is a striped midi dress - I featured it in my spring/summer wish list here - This was £7.00
The dress on the right is the one I was after, the print is so pretty and its a really flattering dress if you have a bigger bottom half - This was £13.00

As well as these - I also picked up some shoes, I actually was even meant to go in for shoes but these were first two pairs of pumps were reduced to £3.00 each, the sandals on the ends are a favourite of mine and I normally buy them in every colour every year - these are a fabulous £2.50,

I did buy a few other bits like underwear but I didn't think it was really worth showing you that.

These items I bought are from Jane Norman, I get 20% off as an employee off sale items so I have been taking advantage of this recently.

This dress was only £5.00 reduced from £50.00 - I got it for £4.00 - for that price I could not refuse, I don't have anywhere to wear it yet but.... I'm sure I will find an occasion.

I picked up these chiffon high waisted shorts a few weeks ago, they come without a belt but I have plenty of small belts I can pop on them, these were reduced to £3.00 but I got them for £2.40,

Back at the start of March I bought this butterfly maxi dress, I loved this dress the whole time it was in store but I didn't want to pay the £60 price tag and when it went in the sale, it was still too much, until one came in store in my size so I had to snap it up with my discount,
I plan to wear this the night before my wedding to a meal, its such a pretty dress.
I payed £24.00 for this,

I bought these boots last Friday for only £5.60 - they were £45,
They were £7.00 in the sale before discount,
The other week also I had a little look round my local charity shops - I don't see the difference in buying from eBay or a car boot, in my opinion as long as it in good condition I'll quite happily wear it.

These dresses are both from H&M and they look like they've never been worn,
The floral one was from Oxfam and I payed £2.99 and the playsuit was from another charity shop and I payed £3.50 for it, 
so I paid £6.50 for these which would of cost me triple in the shop brand new.
Which buys are your favourite?

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