Saturday, 6 April 2013

My Wedding Hairspiration's #2 ♥

Back at the end of February I posted my first my wedding hairspiration's post here,
Back then I was looking at more hair up posts - but I did say that I might change my mind - I know myself better than I thought, 
I've recently been swaying more and pinning more half up half down wedding hair ideas after seeing that quite a lot of the brides who got married at the same place as I will be had hair down styles.

My hair is long and I rarely have it curly,
I did mention that it will be 30 degree heat and it will be hot, but I've also been informed that its actually quite breezy where I am - since we are overlooking the sea.

So yep - I changed my mind again!!

These are some of the photo's I have decided to collect for when I do get my hair done, I'll take these photo's to the salon for inspiration - and I hope I won't be changing my mind again.

The top two are my favorite and the first one is something I can see myself having wheras I love the undone look of the second one . - I love the french plaited look, I think it looks really grecian and the waves just add to the romantic look.

Which ones do you love??
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