Monday, 8 April 2013

Men Vs Mirrors ♥

When you think about it these days, men are more conscious when it comes to male grooming,
 I should know because I live with my fiance and its a bit of a battle on a night out who has the mirror, the hairdryer or the straighteners first,

He isn't one of these guys who moisturize and spend hours getting ready - I know there are men out there who take hours to get ready, quite personally I'd rather it be me who takes the longest to get ready.

When you have these gorgeous male actors on TV I think this encourages men to want to look after there "look", and it has been estimated that the male grooming category revenue has increased 6 % per year since 2006 to 33 billion dollars in America with male celebrities even using nail polish and anti aging products,

To be quite honest though, if I was a guy I'd want to look like the likes of Ryan Gosling.
Especially when he was also voted the most stylish man this month too,

One of the most popular male grooming products is skincare and its added and extra 2 billion to the global beauty market, I know myself a lot of brands that produce women's skincare have now started to do a range for men such as Dove - I will be quite honest too, my fiance has sneakily used my simple moisturizer a few times in the past after a shave,

As well as grooming, men are turning to beauty salons to use sunbeds, get spray tans and even waxing, 
A recent survey by first4lawyers showed that because men have pampering themselves and getting leg waxes, 10% of them have had to suffer a painful wax related injury  - us girls know how painful it is and if I'm quite truthful I'd rather use the good old fashioned girls razor.

When it comes to male grooming, I do love my man to take care of his appearance but if he had more bottles in our bathroom than I did, I think I'd have to have a few words.

What are your thoughts on male grooming, do you really care about how groomed or how many beauty products a guy has??

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