Tuesday, 2 April 2013

6 Months To Go - My Journey Of A Bride To Be #3 ♥

I'm here again with another wedding post - if your reading this and following my journey I hope you love reading these posts.

So its now officially less than half a year now till I will be in Cyprus saying "I do" overlooking this stunning view and exchanging vows with the one person I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with.

I will be honest I have suddenly started to panic and I realised that I should probably be doing more than what I have done so far, 
I think the half year mark has finally made me realise how fast time goes and I've started to plan a bit more, 

When I booked this wedding, I wanted it based around the whole beach theme, seashells, turqouise ect, after a few months I changed my mind as it seemed a little cliche and I change my mind more often than the weather.

The wedding theme I had subconsciously been planning is based around butterflies, 
It started off with the bouquet - I'd been goggling butterfly bouquets - I've sourced someone at the minute who will be getting back to me when she has been to her wholesaler, but I'm hoping for a full bouquet of butterflies, something I've not seen many brides do and its quite unique.

I'd been looking at butterfly place cards and decor and I have at some point got a little bit to obsessed, but I can assure you it won't be over the top I will be trying to keep it subtle and elegant.

I was shopping in hobby craft a few days ago and I could of been in there for hours looking at all the wedding bits and bobs - I did however spot this gorgeous ring cushion with a small butterfly badge on that I could not resist - it was only £12.99 - if your planning to make your own personalized pieces like I have, they have so many pretty things in hobby craft.

My colour theme is now officially coral and silver and, I have picked up a few bits and pieces in these colours including little glass tea light holders and coral tea light candles for the night time - I can show you these in a later post.

I have managed to find the perfect coral and silver bridesmaid dresses too which I will hopefully be buying very soon once the terrible twosome decide what size they would like.

Other plans this month will include planning my hen party in Leeds  I'm excited as I haven't a clue what my maid of honor/bridesmaid has planned or what we will be planning, but surprises are supposed to be fun.

I have also been emailing the hairdresser out in Cyprus who has been so helpful so hopefully I can put a deposit down on that this month, and have finally got prices for extra packages with our photographer/videographer out there as we already have 24 photos in our package for free so I can stop worrying about that.

 Finally me and my fiance have decided on our ceremony music, I'd love to tell you but then it wouldn't be a secret - we are still yet to decide on a first dance song though.

Hopefully when I write again more of the things mentioned will be in in place.

I will leave you with some stunning pictures I have been pinning on pinterest, I love it for inspiration.

I'll be back next month with more updates on my wedding planning,

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