Friday, 1 March 2013

Your Image 2 Canvas - Making Pictures Come To Life ♥

I love taking photographs, I own so many and I always love looking back over them and reliving the memories over and over again.
I've been wanting to have a few images put on a canvas recently so when I had the opportunity to through Your Image 2 Canvas I was spoilt for choice as they had a 3 for 2 offer on all of there canvases.

They have a quick and simple service on the website, making it really easy to choose the size of your canvas - you can even have the size you wish, which is what I went for.
You upload the image you've chosen  and you can choose how you would like it placed on the canvas, all images can be placed landscape or portrait canvas, you can customise the depth, I went for 1 inch, and then you can also customise the edge - I went for mirror - there are a few options to choose from,
Lastly you can choose whether or not you would like the image in colour, black and white or sepia.
The process was so quick and simple and my order was placed straight away,
However the next day I had an email to say that one of my images wasn't the right size, it was far to grainy to fit - you need to make sure you try to use your original camera pictures so you get a great quality picture,
I rang up and the lady on the phone was so helpful explaining what had happened, so I had to choose another photograph as the one I'd picked was too small,
I sent it in an email and it was sorted within an hour - now that is excellent customer service.
My canvases arrived early the next day perfectly packaged individually with bubble wrap and I was so impressed with my images.
Partly because one canvas I had was a picture of me and my mum on one of the holidays we had had, Some of you will know I lost my mum three years ago so I was happy to get this photo on a canvas so I could hang it up on my wall above my bed to see everyday, the quality was so perfect and detailed and I was really impressed and so happy.

I popped a few nails in on my wall and these fitted perfectly above my bed,
Its nice having these photo's to look at everyday as they remind me of all the happy memories I have had in my life so far.
Another image is one of me and my fiance we had done on a photoshoot together last year, its more of a personal photo which is why I chose to have it in my bedroom.
The last image I had put on onto a canvas was a photograph that I took on my holiday to the Maldives the year before last when I went with my fiance, I'd wanted to go all my life, so this picture reminds of that perfect holiday I had and how nice it was.

 So many canvas companies always charge to much for images which is the reason why I have always put off getting any of my photo's put onto a canvas, but with Your Image 2 Canvas, I couldn't really complain about the prices - I chose an 11 inch by 11 inch photo and it came to just under £50 for all three images including the 3 for 2 offer they had on.
The delivery was also free next day delivery which I thought was great as I couldn't wait to receive them.
I think this is really competitive and a fair price to pay for such a fantastic quality product and I would highly recommend this comany through my experience with them and I'd happily use them again in the future.

You can view there website here
They also have a Facebook Page where you can keep up to date with offers and news and Twitter,

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