Sunday, 31 March 2013

Wedding Wislists - Bridal Shoes ♥

With almost 6 months to go, I can finaly start buying bits and bobs for my big day,
I'm one of them brides that likes to wait a little nearer the time before I start buying things, 
The only thing I seem to have bought in advance is my dress,
The next thing thats been on my list is bridal shoes - I am a little excited to be buying these since I loooove shoes - then again what girl doesn't,

When you read this post I will be with Rachel & Gina, were meeting up for the night tonight for a girly night and hopefully I will find my dream wedding shoes when we go shopping, so I can tick them off my list - here's hoping,

What is a little awkward is I've noticed is that not many places do white bridal shoes, most are ivory, so rather than looking for "bridal shoes" I've had to search for white or silver shoes to match my dress because my dress is white and there is some silver detail on it.

These are the top 5 shoes I have had my eyes on for the past 2 weeks when I have been looking and its been so hard to narrow it down to even 5 because I'm so picky and there is so many gorgeous pairs,

Because my wedding has cost so much, shoes are essential but I don't want to pay a silly price for a pair I may only wear once or even for a few hours which is why I am budgeting - this shows, that you can gorgeous bridal shoes for a fraction of the price.

I hope that I find a pair the same or similar to these I have picked today -  I will most likely be hitting the likes of Next, New Look, Debenhams - fingers crossed a find a pair soon,

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Which pair do you like the best girls??


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