Sunday, 31 March 2013

My Mini Spring Primark Haul March 2013 ♥

Haven't I got a treat for you, two posts in one day.
I've been wanting to get this post up for almost two weeks now,
I went shopping as soon as payday arrived and the money landed in my bank.

This shopping trip was to only buy a few things but somehow it ended up with my buying a few things for my Wedding/holiday in Cyprus this year, so I'll get on with the post and show you what I bought.

I couldn't resist these sandals  I'm strictly saving them for 5 months or so and will wait till my holiday to wear there, probably for the evening.
They were £8.00 - the butterfly and daisy detail is so cute I just had to buy them.

I don't normally show my underwear but how cute are these sets, 
The pastel turquoise set was £5.00 - very spring,
The butterfly set was £6.00 - which I looove, underwear is just to pretty.

I bought two of these types of chiffon material vests, there were only £4.00, they are so light and thin and are ideal to pop with a pair of jeans for the summer months, this one has got parrots on it.

I absolutely love this dress and fell in love with it straight away, the colour is so pretty and I love the crochet waistline, 
I love blue and think this will look so pretty against a tan - they also had a white version that was also nice if you think blues a bit bright for you - this was £10.00

Another chiffon vest - butterflies, I'm currently wearing this in my previous OOTD post here from yesterday

I picked this up at the end cause my friend was trying blazers on to and I just loved the colour, at the time I think it was a pointless buy until I got home and realized it went with nearly everything I'd bought and the rest of my wardrobe, this was £19.00 - pricey for me but I do love it and will get lots of wear out of it.
and they have lots of colours in it, including a gorgeous royal blue.

I'd been eyeing this dress up from last time because all the colours on it are so summery, 
Its not a dress I would normally wear because it has sleeves, but I figured I didn't own a dress with sleeves and I loved it why not buy it - this was £10.00,

Lastly, some random buys, 
The bunny slippers I couldn't refuse for £3.00
and these foot consolers are beyond comfy, 
I wore them a week ago on a night out with my normal pair of heels and I could actually stand all night without the balls of my feet burning - for £1.50 they are worth a buy, especially if you wear heels daily for work.

So there are all my purchases,

Which ones are your favorite??

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